Lemme see…

First, this is not my cat and I did not take this pic. In fact, I wasn’t even there for the pic but the GG was. The GG stayed overnight with my niece Pengy and cBear on his way down to LSD Land, Fla and she texted this pic to a family group. They live in Fla for now but if I had to venture an edu-micated guess, I don’t think they want to settle there permanently but that’s their bizness, not mine. They took good care of the GG and I love them for that (and ANYWAY).

This beautiful tortoiseshell catsa is quite the character. When I first met her (a few years ago when she was in late kittenhood) she shied away from me like crazy at first. “Who are you and why are you in my house?” I “ignored” her like I do with aminals and small children and eventually she decided it was okay to be in the same room with me and even get (guardedly) up close and personal. Anyway, I don’t have a pic of my own that I feel like posting so here is Simcoe.

The GG stayed in Knoxville (in a BEST WESTERN, thank you very much, not el cheeepo) last night and that is about an 8-hour drive from here so he got back to The Planet Ann Arbor mid-afternoon. I got notified that he purchased gasoline in Knoxville and then Crittenden, which I think is in Kentucky. The email said “Crittenden, US”. Okay, how many states have Crittenden as a town or city name.

I was really antsy about this trip for reasons I can’t totally articulate. My brain was thinking stuff like “SNOW” (or “tornadoes”) and “car problems” and staying in el cheeeepo drug dealer motels and, well, just driving that distance alone. I felt better when I knew that (going down) he had stopped at “our hotel” in Chattanooga and ate at the Logan’s Roadhouse up the hill. I felt even better when I knew that he stayed with Pengy and cBear the next night.

I really wanted to do this trip with him but didn’t feel like I could do it. My work has been nutso lately. After a “technical” release that I wasn’t really involved with, everyone has re-discovered that we have a (one, alas) BA, that would be me. I am now busy getting thrown down every Rabbit Hole on earth and then some. I love this and am learning a lot down in those Rabbit Holes. As it turned out, the GG’s driving was good outside of maybe some rain, the Frog Hopper did NOT break down, and he made the executive decision not to pull a U-Haul trailer back up.

I will leave you with a link to a man who knits sweaters depicting various, uh, well “places” (Stonehenge for example). He travels to them and takes a selfie of himself in front of the sweater’s “place” wearing his sweater. I love this kind of stuff and his story too! We have various knitters in all of the families I call mine and one of my children is one of the best. She didn’t learn it from me although I am capable of knitting. She self-taught with maybe a little early help from The Commander but the beach urchin surpassed anything The Comm ever did and she got to that level when she was in HIGH SCHOOL. Her work is very precise, which I love. I also love that this guy exuberantly knits sweaters without following a particular pattern, just a picture in his mind.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I admire you for enjoying the challenges at work; they sound overwhelming to me! Our children have surpassed us. Alison is much more athletic and musical than I am, and Ashley knits, crotchets, and cans, as well as being very artistic. Isn’t it great to have such talented and versatile daughters?