January holidays

What I will call the solstice holidays are over and we are now into a sort of Birthday Month. Our friends of porterization both celebrate birthdays this month and I can think off hand of six relatives and friends, living and dead, who have January birthdays. Not to mention Martin Luther King and Richard Nixon, who share birthdays with a couple relatives and friends.

Back in the very early days of this blahg, I used to shout out to birthday folks but I gave that up a long time ago. I couldn’t keep up with it. And then the first year I was on Facebook, I hadn’t thought/known to hide my birthday and everybody and his brother wished me a happy birthday. I was kind of creeped out by that. I don’t mind if somebody I actually *know* in real life and knows my birthday wishes me a happy birthday but I don’t think most of my facebook friends have ever known my birthday, certainly not people I went to high school with but didn’t really talk to much at that time. I got into my settings and blocked my birthday from public view PDQ.

We got porterized for dinner at the Oscar Tango tonight and then continued that back here at the Landfill a wee bit with this loverly xmas bottle from Pengy and cBear. We didn’t drink all of that bottle tonight. I think it may have made the trip to LSD Land and was probably shared a bit or maybe just sipped at the end of some very long days.

At any rate, I am not writing this tonight just so the beach urchins know I am alive. I don’t bombard them with text messages EVER but I did send them (and Pengo and cBear) this pic tonight.

G’night! KW.

One Response to “January holidays”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve become annoyingly dependent on Facebook to remember birthdays. I love when people wish me a happy birthday unless they never comment except to do that. Then it seems blatantly false. 🙂