Your plastic card has been declined

I know that it is stooopid to auto-pay a utility account with a plastic card because they expire, etc. Nevertheless, I’m still auto-paying Cloverland (moomincabin lucky-shucky) via my debit card. Or at least I was until today when I got the message that (of course) my *canceled* card was declined. Oh, don’t worry, I had the bill paid in about five minutes within receiving the text and it now connects to my actual bank account so no need to change it again, knock on wood.

I have always been really good at paying bills on time. I’m a banker’s daughter. But stuff happens and once, a while after The Commander went on to the other side, I did not pay for the moomincabin’s lucky-shucky and it GOT SHUT OFF! I was at work when I got an alarming email from my cousin reporting that there was a big pink (I think) sign somewhere saying the lucky-shucky was shut off. Since the cabin was closed for the winter, it didn’t really matter that there was no power because everything was off. But what the heck?

I got online IMMEDIATELY and paid the outstanding bill. Then I called. Because the reason I hadn’t *paid* the bill was because I hadn’t *received* it! At that time we got billed only once a year because it was a seasonal dwelling and I hadn’t yet internalized when the bill should arrive or I would have been watching for it. I actually think it was supposed to be delivered in August but THAT August I was distracted by unnecessarily threatening letters from a hostile relative’s unnecessary lawyers and an unnecessary trip through probate via my own unfortunately incompetent lawyer. Or I might’ve remembered to watch for it. Ugh ugh ugh.

It turned out that the billing address had been changed to to none other than The Commander’s at her assisted living facility. Meaning the bills were going into a black hole. At that time, I couldn’t ask The Comm why I wasn’t getting the bills at *my* house but I *suspect* that *she* had changed the address so the little monthly magazine associated with Cloverland would be delivered to *her*. It is a nice little mag and Radical Betty was once featured in an article in it but I would’ve mailed it to The Comm. She didn’t care about the bills by then. She was done done done. “You’ll have to talk to my daughter.”

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  1. Margaret Says:

    So many unfortunates that it reminds me of that book/movie ” Series of Unfortunate Events.” I too am a fanatical bill payer, but really should organize when those payments will come out of my account or arrive in my mailbox. I don’t really budget and always have plenty of money, so I’m lucky in that respect.