No that isn’t misspelled. We wanted to do our usual Saturday thing of lunch at the Griz but I didn’t really feel like slodging down there in a snowstorm and it turned out the GG agreed with me. So we took the bus. I am always nervous about missing the bus, maybe to a fault, but the GG was doing his usual thing of driving me nuts by disappearing right around the time the bus was approaching.

On the ride back, our bus, the 31, arrived at the transit center a little late. I knew it wasn’t gonna wait around for stragglers. The GG was nowhere to be seen. I got on and told the driver my husband was apparently going to miss the bus and let that be a lesson to him. The driver asked, “Is that him there? Because he’s not gonna miss the bus!” Indeed, there was the GG. We got going and the bus driver – loudly so the whole bus could hear – went into a comedy routine about how I had threatened to lie down in front of the bus if it didn’t wait for my husband.

At some point this bus comedian segued into how we weren’t on the real bus. It was a ghost bus. It came along whenever and picked up people waiting for the 31 or the 32A or whatever. I took this pic and it kinda looks like we are on a ghost bus, doesn’t it? Like, where are we going? (In reality, there was a traffic stoplight out that window.) At the end, I thanked him for the fun ride and we hit up the Plum Market and then walked home with enchilada fixings after a much needed hug and I actually waited in line to check out via Joyce. There are lots of good, nice cashiers there but she’s my fave! I wish I could tip her but that wouldn’t be kosher.

Oh yeah, and someone got to use his new Yooper thingy today. He had to kinda scramble himself out there this morning because Luke of Perrynet was blowing his driveway and then he came ACROSS THE STREET and I was worried that he might shovel the GG’s snow but he turned the other direction and went down to the corner and back. It turns out several neighbors are paying him to blow their snow. He came out to inspect our new blower and told the GG it was okay if he blew other people’s snow if he wanted to but *he* (Luke) was getting paid for it.

I used to do most of the shoveling back when the GG was still working but nowadays I kinda figger why should I spend what little free time I have doing that? And maybe that’s why we have a blower now because I would certainly never have thought about buying one. I used to do it all by hand, even the cement that forms at the end of the driveway after the plow goes by.

In other news, Luke of Perrynet also asked the GG if the garbage pickup would be delayed a day because of the Monday MLK holiday. The GG didn’t know but LofP said he would just follow what I did. I am Garbage Woman and I know when the garbage goes out and apparently LofP watches what I do when he could just check the city web page. Good neighbor though and no, garbage pickup is not delayed for MLK Day (or Columbus Day or President’s Day). Other holidays yes.

G’night, Garbage Woman

One Response to “Ghostbussers”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Garbage men don’t get many holidays off, just the BIG ONES. I’ve never seen a snowblower in my life. It looks fascinating. I’m worried about the kids in Poughkeepsie due to heavy snow, then rain, then frigid temps, equaling ice. I hate ice with a passion.