Mad hatters

I was actually trying to take a decent pic but somehow this is what happened. I kind of love it anyway, especially since it really isn’t an Ugly. And look at those eyes! A Bird Box creature? Hmmmm. I am not dead yet.

It is our friends of porterization arriving at the Oscar Tango on a Friday evening of 13-degree temperature and wind WITH HATS ON!!!

For years and years and years, we would meet for dinner in the middle of a Great White North Winter and I would look at D and say something like, “D, you are NOT wearing a hat!” But here she is, not that you can tell *who* she is, wearing a hat.

I always wear hats in the winter. In fact, today I wore TWO hats. I wore one of my Smartwool balaclavas underneath my sparkly bomber hat. The balaclava is actually warm enough on its own but the sparkly bomber hat makes me look less like a terrorist and more like an eccentric old bag. Of course, the long wool skirt helps with that too.

Is the “gov’t” “open” again? Last I checked news we were heading in that direction. I was never much of a Nancy Pelosi fan (heck, I am not even a Democrat despite my often progressive opinions) but I am rapidly warming to her and all I’ve got to say is YOU GO GIRL! We MUST talk through our issues rationally and not by holding innocent people hostage. Working without pay? No. Do we need to shrink the federal government? Maybe. Do we need to form better immigration policies? Probably. But we *must* do those things by defining requirements and then carefully designing a plan that has as minimal impact to our country and leaves our hard working federal employees to do their jobs. With pay.

A couple of loved ones flew to the left coast today. I am always a wee bit above my edge when anyone is flying although I keep it well under control because I know intellectually how safe our airspace is. Today when they closed LaGuardia my anxiety ticked up just a bit. Fortunately DTW and SFO were running smoothly although no cosmetic or shoe check at DTW…

I am past the end of my rope with the Orange Baboon. I have never believed that he cares about anything more than himself. His recent frivolous gov’t shut down only serves to support that opinion. Not everyone agrees that we need a “wall” and data doesn’t support the issues he spouts out through his ridiculous tweets. In my dreams, I would love for him to be impeached but I don’t support impeachment. Better that he loses his next election because he lacks voter support. And don’t forget that he actually did NOT win the last election if you counted actual votes. I don’t think that we should get rid of the electoral college but I do believe it did our country a disservice in the 2016 election.

I’m sorry. I’m ranting. But I’ve been directly affected by these stupid *politically driven* government shutdowns and they make me really angry. I do NOT like the Orange Baboon and I do NOT think he is an appropriate president for our great nation.

2 Responses to “Mad hatters”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Lovely pics! Are those Hobbits from “Lord of the Rings?” I think that he can see through the hat.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Wow, that’s cold! Is it supposed to get worse there as part of the Polar Vortex? I am no fan of the OB(IMO he is an amoral, narcissistic moron), but I used to have a bit of respect for politicians from both parties. Now I’m disgusted with most(many?) of them.