Traitorously fling-a-dinging

The Pensioner peered at me this morning and asked what kind of “good” we could get up to today. Turned out he had a vague plan about flinging. So did I except that my plan was more like “where do I [re-]start?” He actually had a few items in mind.

It’s been a busy year what with trips to Fla, etc. We are kind of down to stuff that we really need Other People to make decisions about. And then there’s the issue of trips to Fla bringing More Stuff into the Landfill. In the end, we took a few things out to Kiwanis. It wasn’t a lot but any little bit is progress.

Sshhh. Don’t tell Jenel but we deviated from our usual Saturday lunch at the Griz today. We have had our eye on the Brecon Grille, a place we keep driving by in Saline, so I looked it up. I was impressed enough by the menu that we ended up heading down there for lunch instead. It did not disappoint and we will return, although Jenel remains one of my fave bartenders/servers ever.

Polar Vortex coming our way? The first time I ever heard the term Polar Vortex was the winter of 2014. That was the year that Canada “got drunk and fell asleep down here in the USA”. Beginning around the new year, we had huge snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures that continued throughout the winter. It was almost like when I was growing up in the yooperland but I’ll go there some other day. The Planet Ann Arbor road crews did not get ahead of the initial snow storm before it all froze at -13 so we had icy roads forever after.

They are talking polar vortex again, ahead of winter storm “Barney”. Or is it “Jaden”? I’m corn-fused and I wish the weather gods were not naming winter storms but whatever. I guess “polar vortex” has entered the lexicon of meteorology, at least TV meteorology. I am not impressed. It is winter and we get storms in the USA in winter, particularly in the northern latitudes, like here in my own beloved Great Lake State. Those of us who live here are prepared for pretty much what Old Man Winter throws at us. It isn’t like preparing for a hurricane. Usually, it’s a matter of shoveling out after it all hits. I will say that at Cubelandia FZ decided to take his laptop home in case he couldn’t get in to work if there is snow/ice on Monday.

So we are looking ahead to some snow [maybe, they’ve backed off a bit] and bitterly cold temps [they haven’t backed off about that] over the next week or so. But this is typical winter weather for us. If the TV folks want to call it a polar vortex, okay. But it is NOTHING like the winter of 2014. And here we are in late January. In another week, winter will be half over. We call that day Groundhog Day. It is a “cross quarter day”, which means it’s midway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. We may have awful weather for a few months but the sun is swinging back “up north” and we will deal with it. Not that there won’t be complaints🐽!

The beautiful glass in the pic? That is one of the artifacts that came from Uncle/Mr. Ed’s in Fla. It is an heirloom. We aren’t sure whether it belonged to The Beautiful Grandma Sally because she inherited it from her aunt or because it was a wedding gift from her aunt. This is not the kind of thing I could ever fling even though it is not my style (if I have a style). This crystal is earmarked for inheritance by others so it doesn’t belong to us but it is in the Landfill for the time being and the GG served a nightcap of porterization in these glasses last night.

2 Responses to “Traitorously fling-a-dinging”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Mad Hatter ‘Hattin. Goes well with mighty fine Crystal.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I like trying new places with different menus. I tend to order the same things though–any time I see the word avocado, my interest is piqued. 🙂 I know what you mean about needing others to make decisions about the flinging. Ashley did a lot of that when she was home for Xmas, but only in her own room.