The stinkiest ride ever

Did I want to go for a ride? Where to? To get a new tank of propane. Well, not really. Then I saw that he had a boooook in hand. That meant we would eventually end up somewhere for lunch. Okay, okay. We got the propane tank filled and then we headed out Liberty and I was sooooo happy when we got far enough out of town that Liberty turned into a dirt road and we didn’t have to deal with any traffic on the snow-covered intermittently slippery roads.

Eventually we ended up heading north for lunch at Dexter’s Pub but not before we were almost overpowered by the smell of mercaptan. I was wondering if someone had “let one” (one of the politer terms we used as kids when discussing flatulence) until the smell became so overpowering that I opened my window. In 16 degree weather.

My supernose almost always catches odors first and it wasn’t until after I started panicking about the propane tank that the GG seemed to notice the smell. “Oh, it’s just mercaptan.” What!!??! A rather disjointed “discussion” about mercaptan and propane tanks and whether we were in danger of exploding ensued. After some googling, I became convinced that mercaptan in and of itself was safe enough. It exists in our bodies and does indeed play a role in the odors produced by flatulence. And it is used with petroleum products to warn of leaks, etc. I’m still wondering why we were smelling it and if the propane tank was leaking but we did make it home and the tank is out in the back yard, thank you very much. I am remembering stories from my days at the EPA NVFEL about how propane tanks could rocket around the building, etc. Fortunately that never happened thanks to the expertise of our federal employees (sorry, had to get in a “dig” at the Orange Baboon).

You are happy that I posted the pic of winter tree branches from my 0-skunk-30 walk this morning. I could have posted a loverly picture of the monster cockroaches who hitched a ride in a toolbox from Crazy Old Florida. They are in my house somewhere now (I told the GG “put ’em in the chitchen”). It’s okay, they were dead even before they left Fla. The GG has a similar baggie of ticks. And one of bedbugs, which did not come from Fla as it turned out.

One Response to “The stinkiest ride ever”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad that those nasty bugs are all dead, or on their way to extinction! I have many propane tanks in my garage and should probably get rid of them since I do occasionally smell that sulphur odor. So, if I blow up in an explosion, you will be one of the few people who know why!!