Snowed all day and this is the only pic I have to show for it 🐽

Last Friday we were nicely but strongly advised to take our laptops home because Monday (today) was almost surely going to be a snow day. (I *always* take mine home.)

Amazon Woman was at Cubelandia at least for a while this morning but she actually lives within walking distance (although I don’t think she walked) and manages the *building*, meaning if there are heating issues, etc. (there weren’t), she is the point person. Other than that I don’t think *anyone* went in, meaning I was communicating online with folks all over southeast Michigan plus India.

Since this snowstorm also covers a few neighboring states, there were so many people telecommuting that VPN was s-l-o-w as molasses in, well, January. If you look at today as an informal disaster recovery exercise, I’m gonna guess some tickets are gonna get opened to deal with the VPN issue.

There was nothing spectacular about this snowstorm, at least in terms of photography. Just gray skies and kind of crappy looking snow and how many photos can you take of the GG running his new snowblower? So, here is The GG’s Tick Collection. I thought it was in a baggie but he has moved it to these fancy little bottles. I think there is some kind of alcohol in there but not sure what the liquid is. I’m guessing water would turn them to sludge.

I think he started to actually *collect* ticks the summer he bought the Lyme Lounge. He and Mouse went to Minnesota to pick it up and hiked various places along the way back to and through the yooperland to the moomincabin. They were collecting ticks left and right, I think maybe something like 60 in a day at one point?

A couple days after they got to the moomincabin, the GG felt ill enough that we teetered on the edge of going to the urgent care to test for Lyme Disease. But then he felt better and we decided the true culprits were probably black flies. They had also encountered throngs of those nasty little beasties and they do bring on short-lived symptoms like fever, etc. I would know. The GG does not (that I know of) have a black fly collection.

Dreaming of summer today, as you can tell 🐽

One Response to “Snowed all day and this is the only pic I have to show for it 🐽”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I sometimes used our VPN and it was often efficient, but when it wanted to move at the speed of an escargot(or misbehave) it also did. The problem was that there was NO predicting it, so if an urgent task needed to get finished, I couldn’t guarantee I could do so. Ack! Snow can be pretty; I enjoy looking at snow photos from other places. ;)Ticks are icky!! I’m scared of them.