Finally a good use for those big bright overhead LED lights

Out of nowhere, an unidentifiable insect (or something) appeared and started climbing onto my hand. I was *not* freaked out about this but some other people around here, aka The Pensioner, get freaked out when an insect appears inside the Landfill. Is it a cockroach? Is it a bedbug? Let’s get it!

It was a very small, flimsy little buggie with many legs and I tried to keep it in sight until The Pensioner could bag it up in order to study it a bit. It climbed onto my sweater and that hung it up for a bit but as TP tried to capture it, it fell to the floor and here he is (in his new hat 🐽) trying to find it on the floor. I don’t usually need the big bright overhead LED lights for anything but this time I turned them on.

We did not find the wee buggie but I do not think it was a cockroach or a bedbug and I’m sure it wasn’t a tick or a black fly. Given that, I think it was harmless and I hope neither of us stepped on it.

We gave up and at about the time we did, I got a text message that Delta flight 1591 was going to land ahead of schedule (after a whole bunch of “it’s gonna be late” texts). So we scurried out to the Frog Hopper to head over to Metro. It did indeed land early but our travelers had to wait for more than half the passengers to disembark, a contingent of high school figure skaters. Boy oh boy, I bet those SanFran kiddos will loooooove being in the Detroit area the next couple of days. I hope they have Smartwool balaclavas, etc., but doubt they do.

Our travelers finally managed to get off the plane and we headed back to the Planet Ann Arbor for dinner at Knight’s. So much fun!

2 Responses to “Finally a good use for those big bright overhead LED lights”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Many legs, meaning more than 6? It might be a centipede. They are predators, so I usually leave them alone. Here they range in size from ~1/2 inch to one that was almost 2″! Even then, it was still somewhat fragile looking.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I wouldn’t even know where to buy a b word (can’t spell it and am afraid I’ll call it the pastry instead) and most of us have never dealt with that kind of cold. I’m hoping I would be smart enough to survive, but I’m sure I would be unthinkingly stupid. Glad your travelers are back. One of mine is on the way to Mississippi. I’m hoping her Iowa bred husband drove her to the Newark airport this morning. (they have snow there, although not as cold as where you are)