Ice Road Asteroid Neverending Edition

The temperatures got up to about 33 today and are hovering there. I was hoping for higher. Driving was okay despite a variety of precipitation but there were random slick spots in the Cubelandia parking lot when I headed out to the Frog Hopper this afternoon. Whatever contractor is doing the plowing, etc., this year does a *fantastic* job at ice removal but OF COURSE they can’t hang around there 24 hours a day monitoring every square inch of the surface. Our driveway had a similar situation going on when I got home, despite TP’s best efforts.

So, book/moooooovie blahg? We finished the Russian Doll series and although I’m not sure I completely understood all of it, it was a good moooooovie for us to watch *together*. I am hoping for the promised (I think I read that somewhere) next two seasons… Next movie? I have a couple of ideas but I’ll probably watch them solo ’cause don’t think TP’ll be into them.

Books? Lemme see… Black Swan Green. I have read other books by this author and I really liked this book (coming of age story, male adolescent) but Bone Clocks was probably my fave.

Life After Life. In the “Groundhog Day” spirit of things (Russian Doll, etc.), I found this book. Another take on living something over and over ad infinitum. I did enjoy the book and I notice it is part of a series. I may get back to the series someday. I don’t usually devour series type books one after the other, Outlander being an exception. Gimme more!

Labor Day. This author flew by on some twitter feed or other and I took a chance. All I will say is that throughout the book, I expected a bad ending. What I got instead was something that can (in my mind) only be called sweet. Another male adolescent coming of age story and I think I’ll check out more of the author’s books.

Miraculum. A “circus” book. Another “circus” book. I bookmarked a page from somewhere with a bunch of “circus” books sometime last year. I read Geek Love last summer and loved it although it was pretty gross on a whole bunch of levels. Miraculum was good but a lot different except for the one thing they had in common, which was that the “circus” owner poisoned his wife with various drugs during pregnancies to try to produce “freaks”. The difference is that in Geek Love, the wife was in on it, in Miraculum, the wife wasn’t. But that’s a minor part of the story.

Saving this non-book thing for last. Okay okay. Yeah. Bernie declared that he’s running. I have seen it at least 10 bazillion times on my various news feeds. I do not dislike Bernie but I am concerned that a serious run by him will divide voters, which will not help us get rid of the Orange Baboon National Emergency currently residing in the White House. I know some of you actually LIKE the Orange Baboon. I still don’t understand the attraction.

2 Responses to “Ice Road Asteroid Neverending Edition”

  1. l4827 Says:

    ??? Bionic woman? $6 million man? An interesting race —

  2. Margaret Says:

    I loved “Life after Life” and couldn’t get it out of my mind. The sequel (or prequel?) was meh. I do enjoy her mystery series, although I have only read a couple. Her novel “Transcription” sounds interesting. In my opinion, Bernie is too old and too polarizing. We might as well get used to lots more time with the OB if he’s the nominee. The Dems need to get behind and support whoever the nominee is though; divided we will most certainly fall.