Get a job (sha na na na yip yip yip yip yip yip)

Jeebus! After a long day of analyzing, debugging crappy old skool javascript, and designing, I was about to open the front door this afternoon and I saw a THING hanging inside it. The THING looked somewhat familiar, kinda like one of the carpenter tape measuring thingies that we have about 10 thousand gazillion of around here. But I knew that wasn’t what it was. But wha…???

When I opened the door it made a rooster noise. Or was it a cow noise? Or a monkey noise? Startled the bejeebus outta me whatever. And there, over on the Green Couch was The Pensioner, saying, “I’ve been waiting for you!” Apparently he had also thought of putting the THING in the mailbox. I STRONGLY discouraged him from doing that. I do NOT think the mailman would find a surprise like that very funny, especially after navigating the persistent ice on our neighborhood sidewalks. In fact, now that I am thinking a bit more clearly, I doubt it’s *legal* to put annoying things (or anything but *mail*) in your mailbox.

And then there were weird things soaking in the sink. Seriously, I do not mind coming home to the few dishioshios TP uses during a typical day. I have ALWAYS enjoyed processing dishes and when I get to do a few after work (I also have my bag lunch dishes to do), it helps me make a calm transition from work to home. If I have to move a bunch of weird stuff around, that is a stress factor, albeit it a minor 1st-world kinda one.

And then, he was so enthused about a text message chain he had with one of the beach urchins that he wanted me to read THAT. It was about boooooks I haven’t read (and am not likely to, at least for the foreseeable future) and some of the exchange was in German, a language I do not know. After debugging Old Skool javascript today (a language I do know), I was NOT ready to tackle German.

Oh, and Patriot Radio was on instead of the folk music channel he usually plays to keep me from talking to the radio.

So maybe it’s time to get a job [Youtube link, may or may not come with an ad].

One Response to “Get a job (sha na na na yip yip yip yip yip yip)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What was The Thing? As the saying goes, someone has too much time on his hands? Patt had this singing fish that I hated. (Big mouth bass?) I was delighted when it died! As I’ve probably told you, I now use it to hang my wet coats on. 😉