Yellow sky in the morning…

Ain’t it purty? That is actually *water* on the ground, not glare ice. It was 44 degrees. Those white patches on the grass are still slippery as all getout and there wasn’t usually enough grass between them to avoid them so I had to traverse them in boilerplate ice mode.

This was sometime after 7:00 AM, which was when our big windstorm was supposed to begin. That didn’t happen until a couple hours later and, while we have had some good gusts and it isn’t all that much fun being outside, I don’t think it’s as bad as predicted. No trees down (KNOCK ON WOOD) in our immediate vicinity although I haven’t gone back to look in the woods. No widespread power outages (KNOCK ON WOOD). We came back from a River Ride, lunch at The Den of Iniquity (Cleary’s Pub in Chelsea), and a bit of OBD business with a beach urchin’s vee-hickle to find blinking clocks and things but whatever it was seems to have been brief. (BTW, Cleary’s Pub is a wonderful place. The servers are always super friendly and we got to talk to a coupla nice fun couples during our lunch. If you sit at the bar, you can talk to people (or not).)

After my 0-skunk-30 walk, I was content to spend the morning settled in on the Green Couch reading (Telex from Cuba, fun, wish I was more of a history buff) and doing the xword and watching the wind blow. The Pensioner slugged around on his computer for a while and then I heard him galumph down to the Landfill Dungeon. Various muffled hammering and sawing noises ensued and I couldn’t exactly pinpoint where they were coming from. Turned out he was in the Freakout Chamber and I dunno all of what transpired down there but one thing was that he apparently did some cleanup of the FC Workbench and that is a GOOD THING. We have TWO workbenches down in the dungeon and one outside. The dungeon workbenches are “inherited” via the cFam and the outdoor workbench used to be a “table” in the Landfill Chitchen before that entity’s renovation.

Okay, something small fell on the roof a few minutes ago and shortly after that I heard the storm door close. The storm door doesn’t always shut tightly without a little help but I know it was shut because we had recently double-checked it. So I can only guess the wind pulled it slightly ajar and then slammed it.

And so, g’night. KW

One Response to “Yellow sky in the morning…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad that your wind wasn’t too awful. My New York kids had a lot of wind, and lost power, so I got a photo of them out for dinner, and Ashley bundled up to the nth degree. She does not like to be cold! I think that photo looks like a nuclear winter with radioactive waste. I know, I’m too imaginative! 😉