Does jetsam eventually become flotsam?

I never really used the terms flotsam or jetsam (or cosmic debris) until I met the GG. I recently and randomly ran across the difference between them. Jetsam is items that sailors deliberately throw overboard and flotsam is random floaty things in the sea. Does jetsam eventually become flotsam? Seems like what is jetsam to one sailor might appear as flotsam to a sailor on another boat. When I google cosmic debris, I get a bunch of Frank Zappa links. I like Frank Zappa but I was looking for a *definition*. But I’m not interested enough at the moment to pursue it further so the question will go unanswered for now. Or maybe the GG adopted the term from Frank Zappa…

Yes, snow. We have very little down here on The Planet Ann Arbor but my cousins living on the shores of Gitchee Gumee have been hammered. I do not know if they have a record amount of snow or not (I’m kinda guessing not) but FB shows a 10-foot drift next to Jeep and Pan’s house and their son posted a video of the yard at C*Q*L’s house, which is next door to the moomincabin. I caught enough of a glimpse of the moomincabin to know that it is still there and not caved in or anything. (I am not worried about the moomincabin because I know that someone would call us if there was an issue with it. That’s what family is all about and I love that we have a family beach and all of us cousins still get along well after all these years.)

I dunno what the Grinchie is doing (he’s on the other side of C*Q*L’s house) but knowing him, he is probably riding out the storm in a zen sorta way. He isn’t always zen but he is zen about a lot of things and I’m gonna guess this snowstorm is one of them. I am a lot like the Grinchie in some ways but I do not share that particular characteristic at least when it comes to driving in snow. A random memory just surfaced from the Jurassic Age. I was riding with the Grinchie in his work van and we went into the ditch. No injuries, just a slow-motion slide off the road into a shallow ditch filled with a ton of snow. A soft landing. I think he said something at the time like, “I was tired of keeping it on the road so I just let it slide off.” Actually, I don’t totally remember if I was *in* the truck with him or just remember him telling me about it.🐽🐸🙃 But I musta been there because I’m thinking I remember it happening on Baker Side Road, after negotiating the second 90 degree angle curve…

This pic of the Freakout Chamber is not the best but maybe you can see that there is plenty of cosmic debris down there. I choose to call it cosmic debris because it really doesn’t qualify as flotsam or jetsam since the Landfill Dungeon is not a body of water. Knock on wood… You cannot see the beaded curtain that leads into this wonderful place of marvelous artifacts. That was an artifact from the previous owners. Not sure what they used that room for (and don’t remember what was in there when we bought the house) but it didn’t have a workbench. We acquired that from The Gumper when my parents-in-law moved to Crazy Old Fla.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I never knew the different between flotsam and jetsam; they are both weird words, and too much alike for me to remember which is which. 😉 I just read an article about the amount of snow in the U.P. and the issues with it. I’m grateful for blue skies today, although cold temps. I’m ready for sunshine!