Apparation app? Please. To the yooperland.

My brain has apparently used an apparation app to separate itself from me and is now talking to me from Some Great Height somewhere. That is indicative of a very successful workday during which me and FZ emailed and yelled over the wall ARDUOUSLY about a little piece of functionality that neither one of us totally understood. At the end of the day? We aren’t done yet but yer fav-o-rite systems analyst (emphasis on “anal”) got to the point where she THINKS she might be able to make a PICTURE. If only the person who wrote the original spec had included a pic but she didn’t and guess who it was… She is going to make a picture TOMORROW!

I wish I could apparate to the yooperland even just for an hour or so to check things out. I don’t wanna driver there. I don’t wanna drive back. In the yooperland, they have the tools and personnel to deal with huge dumps of snow. Sault Ste. Siberia was largely closed for business yesterday but today roads and restaurants were opening up and people were posting pictures of their plowed out driveways, etc.

The point is that the yooperland has snow removal equipment up the wazoo, both public and private. Once I was walking along Portage (by the Soo Locks) after a snowstorm and a huge snowplow came along and it was able to lift its BIG rightside plow blade totally over a parked (and buried) car. I wish I had a pic of that. I didn’t not have an iPhone then.

Our moominbeach road seemed to be pretty well plowed out today based on FB photos. I glimpsed our mayor in one pic standing beside a truck with a crazy looking plow on the front of it. Yay!

The Jesus pic is from when we went to empty The Comm’s safe deposit box and I walked up to my old south side neighborhood and this statue is in the St. Joseph Catholic church block. I walked through St. Joe’s campus whenever I walked to my grandparents’ house on John St. or Helen’s house on Court St. It is where my grade school friend LPing went to school so we would sneak into the church and look for holy cards for her collection. It is where where I received my first cat-call from a man as I was walking by the church on the sidewalk. I was 12 or so and I actually liked it. Somebody thinks I’m pretty? Oh, all the things I did not understand then…

So here’s the Postal Service’s Such Great Heights [Youtube and probably has an ad]. This song was on a mix CD that one of the beach urchins made for me way back when and I remember listening to it after she went to study abroad while I was walking in the early dark morning when I could see Ursa Major/Minor on one side of the sky and Orion on the other side. I stopped listening to music while walking a long time ago but I have always loved this song.

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    They have a whole lot of snow, but it sounds like they can handle it! We’re not used to it, and can’t do so very well. 🙂 I still listen to music when I walk, although I probably shouldn’t with all the distracted drivers there are.