Sinking spells

So last night we were having dinner at Pizza House and strategizing where to eat breakfast this morning with a few North Country Trail friends before we all split up to travel in different directions.

I don’t remember the East Lansing area being devoid of breakfast restaurants when I lived there umpteen gazillion years ago but that might be because I didn’t eat breakfast at restaurants very often. Or eat breakfast at all. I’ll omit a bunch of crazy breakfast-seeking gyrations we went through last year culminating in Utility Food at a McDonald’s drive-thru.

*This* year, our Lansing buddy Greg came to the rescue by suggesting the Fleetwood Diner. At the mention of “Fleetwood Diner” the GG’s eyes immediately lit up like somebody had just served him a Large Meat Lover’s Pizza! “Is that the same outfit as the Fleetwood Diner on The Planet Ann Arbor?” Yes, yes, it is. The GG walks downtown for breakfast at the Fleetwood Diner regularly. It is an Ann Arbor icon that serves food 24 hours a day. It is not the fanciest restaurant around but the food is good, the clientele can be “interesting”, and hippie hash is on the menu!

I knew that there was a Fleetwood Diner in Lansing but I didn’t know how close it was to where we were staying so didn’t think of it. On Greg’s recommendation, six of us had a great breakfast there. Our friend Greg is not a morning person and so did not join us. It’s okay, we love him anyway.

The Lansing Fleetwood is 14 years old (I asked). I have no clue how old the Planet Ann Arbor Fleetwood is. It certainly predates my 30-something (er, more like 40, yikes!) years of residence here.

After breakfast our friends went north and we meandered southeast via the Dexter Trail. We had NOOOOO food here so I went over to the Plum to get food (and a hug). When I got back, the GG was having a sinking spell in the back room. I did a similar thing even though I did not do any of the heavy lifting throughout the weekend. Or much of anything really.

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  1. l4827 Says:

    Does the northern component of the ‘Fleetwood’ experience, also have a backward clock?