Zippity Zappity Deer-deer-deer-deer-whomp

The forecast today was for occasional flurries. I’m not sure why Old Man Winter saw fit to dump 90% of those “flurries” on my morning commute. The roads were pretty okay but they were not clear and I had the Ninja and most people were driving below the speed limit. So I was REALLY IRRITATED when someone passed me, apparently in a “Fit of Pique”, on the squiggly little road into Cubelandia. The speed limit is 25 there and I was going maybe 23. Why? Because I have seen sooooo many people spin off our squiggly little road in the 11(!) years I have been working down there. You wanna spend your morning dealing with a tow truck and auto insurance? Fine, go for it. I will take a pass. Plus there are ponds everywhere, fer kee-reist.

Some people around here felt that it was brutally cold today. Yes. I don’t think we got up over 15 degrees all day. I was so completely comfortable over at Cubelandia that I didn’t even think about the temperature. I credit Amazon Woman for that. We have been having building HVAC issues for years. AW is an engineer and she Bird Dogged our HVAC contractor into sending someone out who actually knew what they were doing. She understands all of this stuff and climbs up ladders to look at what’s above the ceiling. So nice to work with/for intelligent people 🐽

My job toady today became zipping up big folders of files in order to move them to a new location. Because I am a systems analyst, this meant that every time I zipped one of these folders up, before I moved it, I unzipped it in order to make sure it still “worked” (don’t ask). Sometimes yes, sometimes no. And I will be revisiting those that didn’t “work” again to try and figger out why. Did the “system” just get “taaared”? I won’t report back about this. You do not want to know.

Oh yeah, while I was sitting around baby-sitting zipping and unzipping stuff today, I finished the book Mrs. Caliban (novella really, it’s short). Big green ocean man walks into bored housewife’s chitchen and, well, love ensues. Some people have said that the recent novel/movie The Shape of Water plagiarizes this book. I don’t agree with that. If anything, The Shape of Water kind of riffs off of Mrs. Caliban. At any rate, Mrs. Caliban will take me a while to process. I loved it but some of the stuff that happened was pretty dark (or maybe it was Black Comedy? (or maybe it didn’t even happen…)). Not sure if this book would be everyone’s cup o’ tea but if you like kinda weird stuff, go for it.

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