Mrs. Malaprop

My ears pricked up today when I heard a couple of my fave co-workers discussing what is apparently a common malapropism.

Those of us who write, whether we write for a living or for fun, often fall victim to any number of errors. I write both for a living and for fun. As you might be able to guess, I do not write novels for a living. I write functional specifications for a web application. I love this work but I write for a very limited audience and y’all would be bored to tears by the writing I do in my career.

I have always been good at spelling/grammar/syntax so when I make errors, they are usually copy/paste things where I end up with extraneous or missing words or sometimes run-on sentences. I mean, MS Word flags spelling errors and some grammar/syntax errors. But Word Salad? I am a master at Word Salad, at least when I am writing a first draft of something. My rule of thumb when I am starting a prodject, especially one that isn’t well defined, is to just start getting it all down. I can rearrange it later.

One of the folks in this convo was FZ. He is a stickler for spelling/grammar/syntax and he always GLEEFULLY points out any typographical errors I have made and revels in politely pointing out Word Salad. He is my best reviewer and proof-reader. I am always happy when he reviews my documents and I love him for it. I mean in a work-buddy kind of way.

Rocks was the other convo participant. She told us that one of her brother’s life goals is to make as many malapropisms as possible. I actually think that’s kind of a good goal.

My fun writing is mainly my blahg. It’s my own place to rant and rave or document my boring day and sometimes explore a bit. And sometimes a certain, ahem, amphibian gets drunk on “londry” detergent with a chaser of Listerine and takes control when I am not paying attention.

I have always been pretty careful about what I write about in this space in terms of subject matter although sometimes I cannot control my outrage at who/whatever and yes I do sometimes subtweet. (Do The Google.) I don’t have a proof-reader for this thing. The GG reads it on and off and has been known to say things something like, “I can’t figure out what the heck you’re talking about.” And that’s okay. I’m doing this stoopid blahg more for meeeee than anyone else but I don’t mind errors being pointed out 🧡🧡🧡

One Response to “Mrs. Malaprop”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My mom is the Queen of the Malaprop! She makes Dad and me laugh. 🙂