News break maybe?

Once upon a time I listened (somewhat attentively) to the news on NPR and read the Ann Arbor Snooze every afternoon (the dead tree version). I am not a TV news watcher although if I happen to be in a place where the TV is blaring news sometimes I have trouble keeping my eyes away from it. I loved watching TV 9&10 News when we went to the Moldy Old cFam Cabin back in the Jurassic Age but that’d be a whole ‘nother story.

Nowadays I listen to EMU’s NPR in the morning. I like to get the news but I am mostly interested in the weather and road conditions, especially at this time of year. EMU’s NPR station does a better job at reporting local stuff like that than UMich. For some bizarre reason UMich always begins weather by reporting conditions on the west side of the lower peninsula even though UMich is *on* The Planet Ann Arbor.

Nowadays… I also get the news from Twitter. I subscribe to the Orange Baboon’s “fake news” sites like the New York Times and the Washington Post and a number of others including things like the WSJ, BBC, Al Jazeera, and Breitbart (yes), and I fergit what else. I appreciate the flexibility this offers me. I can look at the news whenever I want to (like if I am in a feet-up-on-desk thinking mode at work) or I can ignore it (like if I am in a mad coding mode at work).

But. On the other hand, today (during my FUOD thinking hours), I was bombarded with the same stories over and over. Desperate Housewives star pays to get her kids into Harvard (or wherever it was). We all know this kind of stuff happens. How do you think the Orange Baboon got any kind of a college degree anywhere? Fred Trump paid for it! After reading a few disjointed unintelligible stories about this, I wanted it all to go away. Again, it ain’t news. I hope shining a light on it changes things but it won’t.

Paul Manafort? He gets an additional sentence? Ho-hum. Okay. I know that taking down the Orange Baboon’s henchmen one minor sentencing at a time MAY EVENTUALLY lead to the OB’s demise. But I am sick to death of hearing about Paul’s woes and sentencing and whatever else. He should’ve known better than to hang his fortune on a thug like the OB. I am with Nancy Pelosi in that the best demise for the OB is for him to lose the next “presidential” election.

Grounding the planes? Oh, please. I think it should’ve happened a lot sooner. I knoooooow how many successful flights have happened since the second 737MAX8 crashed. Blah blah blah blah blah. I remember a convo between my old coot and Uncle Duck about a crash out of O’Hare a billion years ago. They both flew in WWII and Uncle Duck became a Full Bird in the USAF before he retired. They were talking about a plane that crashed during training exercises. Someone who had recently flown the plane had noticed issues with controlling it. That pilot returned safely to base but the next person to take it up was not so lucky. That was only one plane but those hardened WWII pilots also had a hunch. No matter how many of these modern planes have made successful flights, pilots have reported difficulties with controlling the planes.

So, good for old Trumpty Dumpty for grounding those planes except that I suspect someone with an actual brain must’ve turned off Fox News and pried his fingers off his frickin’ phone to make that announcement. Ivanka maybe? Or Jared? Probably not but whatever, his words must have been scripted by someone with a working brain, which probably wouldn’t be Ivanka or Jared…

Enough ranting for tonight. I cleaned Gertrude’s top oven six weeks ago or so, one of the days I was working from home in subzero temperatures. So I was surprised that when I put it on preheat this afternoon it started smoking a bit and I found some stuff on the bottom of the oven. It’s okay, I have the Retro-Fan on and I will clean Gertrude’s top oven again this weekend.

One Response to “News break maybe?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It has been a lot of the same stories and about the SAME people. How about all those other parents besides the two actresses? I don’t know about the Boeing planes, but I hope they soon find out the issue. We’re kind of dependent on Boeing in this region, and what hurts them hurts us. Still, the major issue is the loss of life and that needs to stop.