Just another day at Cubelandia

One of those crazy kind of work days where all kinds of unexpected things happen. For the most part not anything terribly exciting.

Our research team meeting was all over the place. Although I did get some good info out of it, we kept veering off on tangents, movies for one. I don’t really watch movies that much. I’m not crazy about going to theaters. I’d rather watch them at home but that usually happens at night and one of the quickest ways to put me to sleep is to turn on a movie.

We went from there (somehow) to pi…. I wonder whi? All of a sudden Amazon Woman interrupted our meeting to I/M Building Mom. How many pis do you want? How about ice cream? And Redi-Whip? What time? You know that it is Π Day today roight? So we had pie for Π Day. Somehow this tipped me totally over into an trip down memory lane and I reported that my fave pies as a kid were cherry, lemon meringue, and blueberry, in pretty much that order. I reported my [vague] memories of my grandma baking pies in the wood cooking stove in the Old Cabin and how we would pick blueberries right there in the woods surrounding the cabin. I think my friends were rather impressed with all of that and so I didn’t tell them that my fave pie back then involved cherry pie filling from a can.

And then… I fergit what time it was but I heard somebody yell “RAINBOW!” so I looked out through the lunchroom window (which I can do from my cube) and WOW! This iPhone photo does not do this thing justice. Not at all. Tok was out there with his ubercam and I’m sure he’ll post his pics on our internal drive but you are stuck with my photoshopped iPhone photooo.

A while later I was walking out to the Ninja and I heard an unfamiliar cracking kind of sound. Thunder! I scurried out and into my vee-hickle and a radio alert reported that severe storms were rolling through The Planet Ann Arbor. Fortunately I was pretty far to the south of the major activity so my commute was uneventful.

Astronomical winter is not over yet and it’s gonna get colder again but I’ll take any harbinger of spring I can get at this point. I am so over Black Ice.

One Response to “Just another day at Cubelandia”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Happy Pi Day! I didn’t get any pie today, but if I had, I would have wanted rhubarb custard. 🙂 I LOVE the rainbow pic, very impressive. I know it doesn’t do the scene justice, but still…I hate black ice or any ice with a passion!!