Bow wow!

Maybe we should change the sign to “Beware of KW”!

I’m not a total grump today. Although I reeeeaallly neeeeed some, ahem, space at the Landfill at the end of the day. And if there isn’t some nice folk music streaming when I get home I’m likely to turn on NPR and talk to the radio. On top of that, today I had to reset my bank password. I won’t go into the gyrations involved in doing that but I suspect it was because my current pw did not include a “special character”. I suspect (but am not sure) that my company handles consumer online banking for this particular bank and I am intimately familiar with the password rules. Fortunately I was able to change the pw via my phone without having to *use* it as a phone.

I am grumpy about a couple other things. One is that Linked In continues to send me suggestions to connect with someone who disconnected with MEEEE a number of years ago. Hey guys, she’s the one who disconnected from me. Is your system not smart enough to figger that? I don’t want to connect with her and I don’t want to see her big cheesy “I’m friendly and nice” [not, ugh] grin every Monday morning.

The other thing is that every year on St. Urho’s Day (do the google), various people tag me with cute little facebook memes to wish me a happy St. Urho’s Day. That’s all very nice except that I am not Finnish. I am not Finnish! I AM NOT FINNISH! I have [technically] blonde hair and blue eyes and my surname begins with the letters “Fin”. In fact I would bet you dollars that there are Finnish people with darker hair than mine and brown eyes and most Finnish names do not begin with “Fin”. I have nothing against Finland or St. Urho’s Day. I have some lovely Finnish friends. It’s just that I hate when people (some who have known me for many years) presume I am something I am not and send me memes that don’t make any sense to me. If you care enough about me to tag me with something, at least get to know me enough to know if it’s appropriate or not.

Yes of course these are all first-world problems. It sounds silly even to me to be grumpy about being a person of Caucasian northern-European heritage being stereotyped as a person of, uh, Caucasian northern-European heritage… Er, some of my best friends are Finns? (That was a joke albeit a VERY BAD one.)

We won’t talk about the Orange Baboon today except to say Bow wow! Arf arf arf. Yip yip yip.

And Bow wow to y’all except in a friendly way.

One Response to “Bow wow!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sometimes there are just too many annoying things…I rarely make assumptions about anyone’s ethnicity, nor do I tag people in memes. So, I’m feeling like a very good friend right now!! 🙂