Super Sugar Moon

It was a good thing I got a pic of this baby at 0-skunk-30 because it rained all afternoon and I doubt we’ll get even the teensiest tinseyest glimpse of it tonight. We had a beautiful sunrise too but as very often happens I was driving when it was at its most spectacular and by the time I got to Cubelandia, not so much.

So Super Sugar Moon on the first day of spring. I was fully suited up for my 0-skunk-30 today because the temperature was something like 25. At least there is no more Black Ice. Did I say that before? If I did (and I probably did), I’m sorry to repeat myself but I am so happy to be able to walk in the dark without thinking about what’s ahead of me. This winter wasn’t as bad as the Polar Vortex winter of 2014. That winter we had a glacier in our backyard until mid-April. We had a mini-Polar Vortex this winter and it took its toll. Although… I can probably count on one hand how many times I had to wear my snow boots. Mostly I was walking in Keen sandals. And YakTrax.

You do not want to know about my brain-twisting day at Cubelandia. All I can say is that I am soooo glad to work with FZ and the rest of the team, even the Bear who, after something like 10 years, finally [apparently] began to realize I have a functional brain and am not some stoopid old bag. “Who’s driving the demo?” he bellowed today at a meeting he was attending remotely (and all of us in the room silently guffawed). We were all struggling to articulate something complex and I was projecting so I had quietly started up our high fidelity prototype (“the demo”) so we could *look* at what we were talking about. Well, meeeeeeee, Mr. Bear… By the time he told me where he wanted me to “drive” the demo to, I was already there 🐽

Where was I? I got (happily) interrupted by some Kexting with a beach urchin. I finished The Martian Chronicles yesterday. I could’ve succumbed to a Book Hangover after The Martian/The Martian Chronicles for a while but I had another book in mind, which is “Mother Earth, Father Sky”. I remember a paperback hanging around the moomincabin a while back but I didn’t ever get around to reading it (although a beach urchin may have). Around that time, my reading activities were more in line with reading “Indian in the Cupboard” aloud on the beach to anyone who wanted to listen and I had multiple generations listening 🐸. I miss those days so much.

I kind of knew that “Mother Earth, Father Sky” was written by an eastern Yooper from a town not far from my hometown. A couple weeks ago I learned that the author is related by marriage to a good friend of ours. So here we go. This book is set seven or so millennium BC while both Martian books are set in the not too distant future, 2030s, so this is a big shift from my recent reading.

One Response to “Super Sugar Moon”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m so glad that you can walk now without worrying about black ice! I didn’t enjoy the times in February when the snow/ice prevented me from running and walking. It was quite pretty though. Black ice isn’t pretty, and has no redeeming qualities. WTG with your demo!