We’re with Harry!

Eventually we were with Harry but not until a whole bunch of other stuff happened. Like I went to the farmers market this morning for the first time since before xmas. I bought a whole bunch of Emergency Hangers at the meat market and a couple kinds of fish plus some Emergency Swordfish Scallopini at the fish mongers. And stuffed cabbage from the Polish folks ’cause hey I could make this stuff but it’d take me all day and you guys do it so well and you can run my plastic card through your Square thingy to boot. And some experimental sourdough olive bread. Aaaaaanddd… waaaaaay more lettuce than we can possibly eat, from the Goetz Family Farm. Red leaf, Bibb, and some sort of spring mix from their hoop houses. No e coli is lurking in that stuff but I was still washing lettuce all morning because regular old dirt of the gritty sort.

After jumping around washing lettuce and doing other chores all morning, we made a Kiwanis Run and guess what? WE GOT RID OF THE CHAIN! Yaaaaaayyyyy! The Chain was in the Landfill when we bought it. I have been wanting to get rid of The Chain forever and a few years ago it seemed to ALMOST make the cut of Things to Take to Kiwanis. But. Not. Today I was sitting in the Frog Hopper doing the xword while the GG was unloading our stuff. I heard him ask the volunteer if Kiwanis wanted our chain and I jumped out of the car yelling something like, “We’re getting rid of The Chain”? The answer was YES and the volunteer asked me if I wanted The Chain. Oh, no no no no no…. I actually wanted to take one last picture of it but the volunteer was already walking away with the basket it was in.

From there we went to the Griz for lunch and then home and and and… I sat outside in the sun this afternoon for the first time since I don’t remember which month. The temperature was in the 40s but I was bundled up with a balaclava and the whole works. I was warm and it felt sooo gooooood.

And then… We headed over to Paesano’s for dinner to celebrate my aunt Bubs’s birthday with her and Harry and a couple of her children. It ends with a zero but I won’t tell you the other number. I’m just glad we were able to help celebrate. If we lived on that side of town, Paesano’s might be our quick let’s eat out restaurant but we don’t live over there so ours is Knight’s. Paesano’s is loverly though and I had duck something or other. And then we retired to Chez Harry for a bit of pudding dessert and a mead nightcap. And then Harry did his usual post-8PM thing (dozing off on the couch) and I was envious of that so I nudged the GG and we trundled home.

And so good night and I hope The Chain finds a good home. I am only sorry it didn’t find one many years ago.

One Response to “We’re with Harry!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The Chain? You must explain. 🙂 It sounds like it’s been a good weekend with some outings and decent weather. I had a very nice day today, and tomorrow I pick up John at the airport. It will be great to have him home!