Chainsaw massacre

Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. We are not near open water here on the Planet Ann Arbor so the sea or lake gods do not [usually] determine our fate or fortunes. We are more at the mercy of whatever happens on the frickin’ freeways.

So despite this beautiful sunrise, for most of the day we were under cloudy skies but warmer, so not complaining. I jumped around at grocery stores and a gas station in the morning and then we headed over to Chez Harry, chainsaws in hand, to deal with some deadfall in his wooded back yard. That is to say The GG took “our” chainsaw over and cut down the tree or whatever it was. He was wearing his chainsaw chaps and was spotted by npJane and the Marquis. npNane and the Marquis split the wood with the cFam logsplitter. I hung out inside Chez Harry with the Grand Poobah where we transferred some family photos and looked at others while Harry engineered lunch for himself and Bubs. So much fun.

Back at The Landfill I spent a bit of time sitting outside reading this afternoon. For a while it was warm and sunny enough that I went inside to get my sunhat. Alas, after I came back outside with my hat, clouds moved in and it got chilly and I eventually beat a retreat. Kiddos and friends for dinner tonight. So much fun. I love to cook food for more than two people sometimes and I got to do that today and most of it was actually eaten! Yaaaaay!

One Response to “Chainsaw massacre”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Clouds at sunset(and sunrise) make it beautiful, but it’s no fun if they bring bad weather. In our area, Mt. Rainier wears a saucer shaped cloud hat when the weather is going to take a turn for the worse. 🙂