Rip-roarin’ Monday mornin’

Took mah walk, did mah chores, put mah face together (it takes 30 seconds tops). Drove over to Cubelandia. Hmmmm… Hardly any vee-hickles were in the parking lot. Cubelandia’s parking lot is way overbuilt for the number of people that work in the building but this was actually pretty eerie. Is it Monday? Is it a work day? Is it a holiday? Yes, yes, and no.

I went inside to find almost total darkness. A few emergency lights, that was all. And that eerie lack of white noise when the HVAC system is out. I said [in an “outside” voice], “What the heck is going on?” No answer. FZ’s vee-hickle was outside but he was not in his cube. I could hear voices in the distance but I couldn’t immediately find a human being in the flesh. Finally I spied Building Mom, who was using a low tech procedure to try to lower the temperature in a sensitive room, i.e., she was holding the door open.

I high-tailed it for home. I had meetings to run at 10 and 10:30 and I knew my laptop battery wouldn’t last that long. During the meeting(s), Nikio reported that the lights were back on so I trundled back over to work.

In other [unrelated] surreal weirdness, there was what looked like shattered glass all over the Notorious State/Ellsworth Roundabout when I went to work (the first time). Or maybe crushed ice? Except that EVERY OTHER ROAD SURFACE I encountered today was Bone Dry and the sky was brutally sunny. So. Do I drive over this? If it’s glass will it shred my taaaars? I traversed it with no issues and 20 minutes later when I drove home, it had actually dissipated quite a bit. So… Ice? I mean, did a mini-micro storm dump a bunch of ice on the NS/ER? Did an ice-hauling truck (is there a such thing?) dump a load of crushed ice? I do not know.

Shortly after I got home, the GG arrived with The Grand Poohbah and The Marquis. They had all eaten breakfast at the Fleetwood and were here to take a look around my renovated chitchen as they are planning their own renovations over/down in The Lou and undoubtedly will want to avoid any mistakes we made. I had fun interjecting comments into that conversation and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do so when it happens, I hope they post a lot of photoooos.

Finally, this is not the best pic but maybe it shows how “ugly” it gets around here a few weeks before all of these bare deciduous branches start to sprout new leaves. It may be ugly in a way but to me it is also beautiful. The turning of the seasons. Turn turn turn…

One Response to “Rip-roarin’ Monday mornin’”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I too find the stark trees against the blue sky lovely. Every season has its own beauty. The ice mystery is very odd.