When your [adult] children discover embarrassing artifacts from your past, what do you do?

You POST them on yer stoopid blahg, OF COURSE!

So over the weekend when I happened to have both beach urchins’ attention, I pulled some artifacts from The Commander out of the top shelf of a cupboard. They are planters and I will blahg about them some other day. The beach urchins (of course) found my childhood recipe box, which was adjacent to the planters. Ain’t it cute? (The Comm is correcting my language wherever she is).

I LOVE this recipe box. It isn’t exactly my “style” any more. I mean, my “style” for collecting recipes now involves a motley disconnected mish-mash of digital media: recipes I’ve typed (or scanned) into my computer, the NYT Cooking app, and The Google to randomly look up recipes on the fly. But I still have this box and have carried it around with me forever.

Back then I occasionally copied recipes onto index cards by hand and here is one of the cards the beach urchins found in my childhood recipe box. This must’ve been before I learned cursive because the recipe for Easter Puffs (not shown) is written in cursive. Cursive was a rite of passage we earned in third grade. Or was it fourth? Also I misspelled “Starlight” as “Starlite”. I was a top-notch speller from the get-go so not sure if that was an error or if I was being creative.

I can’t remember if I (aka The Commander and I) ever made the Starlight cake or not. I think I was mainly entranced by the name. It came from the Betty Crocker Cookbook. I hope that posting this photo online doesn’t violate any copyright laws.

Copyright laws or not, The Commander made sure that Betty Crocker cookbooks like the one I grew up with rained on me in the last years of her life. I think she may have given her copy to one of her grandchildren (or maybe *I* did) but she managed to snag my grandma’s copy (I think) and one or two others from other relatives and I have TWO. Both of my copies are duct-taped together, which is fine with me.

Some other day I’ll post a pic of the “recipe” The Comm wrote for me for cooking bacon 🐽🐽🐽

One Response to “When your [adult] children discover embarrassing artifacts from your past, what do you do?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have an ancient BC cookbook that is essentially falling apart, and I love it, although I don’t use it much these days. Cooking for one seems pointless. I do have an oak recipe box too; I should check in there for cool recipes. 🙂