Plotting and planning

We are here in the Cozy Room. It’s where we eat dinner when it’s too cold to eat outside or even in the back room. Last night we watched a lot of YouTube videos by our fave Iris Dement[ed] throughout the years on the GG’s mothership.

The GG is actually plotting something here. It is a new shed for the back yard. When we bought this place back in the Jurassic Age, it came with a crappy tin shed (but not a garage). The previous owner (who put up the shed) told us that various young boys would P off the roof on their way to the elementary school behind the woods behind our house. I have never witnessed that particular kind of thing happening from our shed but I have seen some other weird stuff in the woods over the years.

At any rate, our existing shed is absolutely awful and we are going to build a new one and the GG has even talked to the city about it. Because zoning…

Well, we are now arguing about polly-tickle stuff so I am gonna bag it for the night. I am sick and taaaaared of people telling me that the Orange Baboon has a working brain. I hope our country survives his term of office, which I refuse to call a presidency.

2 Responses to “Plotting and planning”

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    The Orange Baboon HAS NO BRAIN AND NO HEART. (And he’s not a president). So that takes care of that.

  2. Margaret Says:

    If he has a brain, he doesn’t use it much. One of my other blog friends (Donna) is a fan of Iris Dement. Her husband isn’t though. 🙂 So, I’ve actually heard her music.