Marching along

Since I have pretty much NOTHING today… Well, except that we just 30 seconds ago experienced a Rube Goldberg-style almost-disaster here in the back yard. All is well and I couldn’t describe it if I tried. You had to be here. But I have nothing, so I will post a few pix from Marches past. (HELP! I do not know how to pluralize March and The Google is giving me crap websites.)

So first up is March 2012. The Commander had died that February. That March was hotter than Hades. I mean really. Like sustained 90-degree temperatures for a few weeks. Flowering trees bloomed, as you can see in the photooo. That is unheard of in March. BTW, the photo is apped, that streak of light is not coming from The Commander over on the other side.

2013 was the year we had to empty out The Comm’s safe deposit box at the bank in Sault Ste. Siberia (because PNC was closing the branch). When we went to do that, the bank manager said, “I have pictures of your grandfather in the basement, do you want them?” Yes, I did. Here’s a good one of him helping some young ladies at the children’s savings window.

2014 deserves TWO pictures! Number one, this was the Polar Vortex Winter and this is what our front yard looked like that March. I had just shoveled a whole bunch of cement/snow that the plow left at the bottom of the driveway.

2014 number two: We gutted The Landfill Chitchen! Yay!

I don’t really have anything for 2015. I’m sure stuff happened but I don’t have any good pics.

2016: here’s one result of a loverly thunderstorm here at The Landfill. The storm rolled through at about 3:00 AM and the GG got up to you-know-what and while he was up doing that a spectacular lightning bolt hit a tree in the woods and exploded it. The piece of shrapnel in this pic augured itself into the ground without harming anything. Another one shattered the Frog Hopper’s roof and many others landed all over the neighborhood. I’m glad I wasn’t outside when that happened.

2017: Sigh. This is the LSCHP in all of his St. Patrick’s Day costume glory. Although we have moved on with our work and the LSCHP is thriving in a new job, I frequently find myself channeling him when I am doing design work. If you see him, give him a hug!

I didn’t find anything interesting for March 2018 and I am still living through March 2019. Tonight the back yard is warm enough to sit outside so we are soaking it up Big Time. It won’t stay this warm…

G’night, KW.

2 Responses to “Marching along”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Great photos of Marches(?) past. I find that old photos dredge up memories and stories to tell, even if I don’t think they will. 🙂

  2. isa Says:

    I get nervous when you post things like “Rube Goldberg-style almost-disaster” with no explanation…