Hoton Lake or bust!

The GG keeps razzing me for not going north for six months. No, I have not been north for six months. A lot of complicated factors go into that. Like a vacay-eating LSD-like trip to Florida in October and the fact that I dooooo “pay the rent” so to speak. Okay, we don’t pay rent or any kind of debt and I am not the sole breadwinner and I get a lot of paid time off but still.

I took today off work. I needed that. We drove to Hoton Lake. On the way up we hung out with FlaMan in Grand Blanc. Breakfast at Sophia’s, just down the street from where my brother and his family used to live. FlaMan is a favored customer there. And then a few little shopping expotitions on the way back to FlaMan’s place. While the GG was in Kroger, I hung out in the Frog Hopper with FlaMan and became enlightened at great length about nose trimmers and, uh, boogers, and a few other things that are TMI even for this blahg. I always enjoy spending a little time with FlaMan. He has some different perspectives on life than most of the folks I know and you never quite know what he is going to talk about next.

We continued north to Hoton Lake and after a stop at Best Choice grokkeries, we landed at the Group Home and ended up (unexpectedly) spending a few hours out in the front yard basking in beautiful warm sun. Eventually we burned a fake log in the faaaar pit just because it was easy.

So, there is very little snow in the yard but ice has pushed up along the sea wall as it always does. It was so warm this afternoon and the sun so strong that we watched and listened to this ice wall erode.

Here is the GG relaxing a bit after a long morning.

And here is yer fav-o-rite blahgger madly arguing about polly-tickle stuff on social media reading a booooook. (Yes, there is a spot of whine there.)

And here is Mr. Golden Sun shining down and melting the ice off of our own Hoton Lake. The North shall rise again. But snow is predicted for tomorrow 🐽

G’night, KW

2 Responses to “Hoton Lake or bust!”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Lots of snow on top of lakeshore sand… Now that sounds fun at the end of March…

  2. Margaret Says:

    FlaMan sounds quite interesting! And the photos are beautiful. Sun is always nice, although the political arguing not so much. Hope you’re reading something good!