Springing the Lyme Lounge into Spring, an annual ritual

Except I did not wake up all that happy this morning 🐽 First, I woke up at that Batscope Hour after some sort of weird/bad dream. Fortunately, my dream did not feature an explosion like the GG’s weird/bad dream did. Waking up, I experienced some extreme where-am-I-ness. Oh, yeah, I am at Houghton Lake. Then. I heard a NOISE! Whut? Did we lock the door? Maybe not, as there was a possibility of late-arriving family members. Ohhhh… Yeah… It’s the ice-maker. Note to self. Turn off the ice-maker before bed tonight.

I did not notice any snow at that time. I think maybe I didn’t want to know if it was snowing. I’m not sure if I went back to sleep or not but I suspect I caught some more winks before it was getting close to wake-up time. And that’s when I noticed the snow. I let myself sleep late (7:00 AM). I did not walk. I didn’t have my Yaks with me and don’t trust my worn down Keens on potentially slippery conditions.

So I was grumpy about not being able to walk this morning. And I was grumpy because we needed to drive to Gaylord today to pull the Lyme Lounge out of mothballs in the UU’s garatchkey and I did not want to drive on slippery roads. We decided to wait until the temperatures warmed up a bit so we spent a quiet morning here at the Group Home, eating our leftover breakfasts from Sophia’s yesterday morning. I finished my booooook and I’m not sure what the GG was doing.

It snowed the whole dern morning and it seemed like the temperatures were stuck around freezing forever. Finally in the late morning, the GG alerted me that he was egregiously idling the Frog Hopper. I pre-grumped that I did not want a fast ride on slippery roads. As it turned out I didn’t have to worry. Not only were the roads not slippery (at all!), he seemed to be in the same slow back-road freeway-avoiding mode as I was. Thank you!

So we took the old highway [mostly] up to the UU’s house, snagged the Lyme Lounge and returned [mostly] via the old highway (with a stop for a light lunch at the Paddle Hard Brewery in Grayling). So all in all, a comfortable trip. I never get tired of rattling around the Great Lake State’s back roads and old highways. It is hard to get through Grayling without taking the freeway for a bit but we’ll go there some other time.

What you cannot see in the pic is that to the right of the Frog Hopper’s nose, the UU’s driveway slopes very steeply downhill. We had to navigate that driveway today and when I posted this pic on Facebook, some relatives were concerned that it might be slippery. I am here to tell you that it was not slippery at all. Only wet. One of the other things I had been [grumpily] worried about this morning was the UU’s driveway. Gaylord is located in a snow belt. They get blasted with lake effect snow all winter and vertical driveways are difficult and dangerous to clear.

I’ll tell y’all about the book [trilogy] I finished another day. I felt a serious book hangover coming on so I FORCED myself to find my next book. I have (tentatively) found one but haven’t read enough of it yet to get to know the characters. So we’ll see.

I did finally get a walk in when we got back this afternoon. I needed that!

One Response to “Springing the Lyme Lounge into Spring, an annual ritual”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can’t handle even the thought of ice, especially when paired with hills or steep driveways. I’m relieved that you didn’t have to deal with that!