Home again home again bumpity clunk

We had breakfast at our fave Little Boots Diner this morning. We both got the Gun Slinger Quesadilla (with ham). I took a box for the final third of mine for breakfast tomorrow. The GG ate all of his.

After Little Boots, the GG was apparently reading my mind because we took our fave detour to the west of Houghton Lake, the Reedsburg Dam area and the Muskegon River Dam. A nice slow drive over a lot of frozen dirt roads. I wish I had taken a photooo of what we were driving on. Not to mention the snow drifts we had to blast through on the Long Point Road over adjacent to the bay. Mostly bone dry pavement everywhere though.

Laundry at the Group Home and then we headed south on the I75 SUV Speedway. We were pulling the Lyme Lounge so the GG was driving and I read Caucasia the whole way (good book so far).

When we got home, I had to pull the Ninja out of the driveway so the GG could back the Lyme Lounge into the driveway. Problem? The Planet Ann Arbor got dumped with a bit of snow last night and the Ninja was covered with snow. We didn’t have time to egregiously idle it and I didn’t want to scrape it. But I needed to SEE to back it out of the driveway. I used my scarf to remove some snow off the back window and, after I faaaared the Ninja up, I held my breath as I turned zee veeensheeeld vipers on. Against all odds, they were not frozen and cleared zee veeeensheeld without burning out the engine or whatever. Unfortunately, after I pulled the Ninja back into the driveway, I managed to stall it and couldn’t get it going again. I knew I had done something stooopid with the clutch and the GG went out there and immediately started it.

So we got home and I hit up the Plum Market for groceries and my fave employee (one of my faves, that is) helped me find the new (reduced) olive bar. And then my beach urchin sneaked up on me when I was in the checkout line. She gave me a sneaky hug and the [wonderful] checkout gal was like, “you’re her mother?” Yes.

One Response to “Home again home again bumpity clunk”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Snow? Still? Winter’s final gasp, I hope. I run into my parents at the store sometimes. Everyone knows them because they’re very friendly people, especially my mother who is quite outgoing. I’m friendly too, but no where at her level!