Aaaapple Cup Apple Cup Apple Cup

Something about the title is making me remember one of the beach urchins toddling around yelling “Yeeeeellow cup! Yellow cup! Yellow cup!” It was time for me to regain a bit more control over my body and she absolutely REFUSED to use a bottle. Perish the thought. The yellow cup worked and nowadays I’m kind of wondering where all of those old plastic sippy cups went. Probably got chewed up enough that I threw them out.

So, the Little Boots Diner is one of those places that puts out a random assortment of coffee mugs, which is always fun. A couple years ago I ended up with a Queen of Everything mug there. It would’ve been even better if it was a QOFE mug but I don’t think a QOFE mug would be appropriate at a family diner. I did once see a safe sex themed mug at a breakfast place but that was a “hip” breakfast place down in Dee-troit. Even though it did not contain a swear word, it probably wouldn’t make the cut at Little Boots.

Anyway, The Apple Cup was pretty appropriate since we bought our first Apple computer back in 1979 and haven’t looked back. We still own our original Apple II+ plus a second one that we got from somewhere. They both still work… … … We have stacks of Apple laptops and iPhones.

That said, I am a little grumpy that my current MacBook Pro is doing some weird things that I don’t have time to debug. One is that it keeps telling me (like three times each time I power it up) that there’s something wrong with iCloud and I need to sign in to fix it. 1) I only use the cloud (I think) to store my most recent 1,000 photos or whatever. 2) I have tried (a few times) to sign in to fix it and I immediately get a text message on my iPhone that someone is trying to access my account from some random city. This is not user friendly. And then there’s some weird sideways sliding when I try to change to the Photo app. I used to be able to correct this but… hmmm…

Nevertheless, I am not ready to switch to the Other Side. I have a loverly Dell laptop for work. I have gotten to be friends with Windows over the years. The thing is that I don’t own my work laptop. The Mothership owns it. If I have an issue with it, The Mothership reaches in and fixes it. And every few years, they throw a new musheen al me. I’m not sure owning a Windows musheen would be all that easy without The Mothership. Kinda like owning a GM instead of a Honda. My late brother worked for GM but became a huuuge Honda fan before he died 🧡

The main point here is that Little Boots Diner is a wonderful diner. Fast and friendly. Go there if you are ever in the Houghton Lake, Michigan area.

One Response to “Aaaapple Cup Apple Cup Apple Cup”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m torn between Apple and Windows. These days I’m more used to Windows, although there are usually more problems and glitches with it. I mostly like my iPhone though and could do more if I had all Apple devices.