Bankin’ biz

Meet Trunky! She is in the bankin’ biz. She belongs to a beach urchin and the GG dredged her out and filled her up and fixed her ears? Maybe? Back in the day, the beach urchin would fill Trunky up with coins and then hit me up for cash to exchange for Trunky’s coins.

I would then get the job of rolling the coins and taking them over to deposit at the Maple Village bank branch. That was okay. Back in those days I spent a lot of my time counting cash and coins for various non-profit orgs and taking it all over to the bank to deposit. The bank branch I used then has since closed and I wonder if Eleanor the teller is still around the neighborhood. I was on a first-name basis with her. She may occasionally wonder about me too. After I got out of the non-profit treasurer biz, I rarely had to do anything *inside* the bank. Almost everything I ever need to do can be accomplished online nowadays. Oh, once I went inside to get a cashier’s check from her. To buy a new vee-hickle! It was a fugly, snowy day and she and I commiserated about what an awful day it was to buy a new car, one that the Honda dealer had to dig out of a snowbank (it was a stick shift and nobody else wanted it).

Did I ever exchange Trunky’s coins for non-profit treasury cash? Yes, probably, if it was handy and I didn’t have any personal paper cash. I usually counted and removed treasury money out of the Landfill PDQ. I always made a fair trade though and Trunky never came out even one penny ahead. I was more interested in bookkeeping and counting money than embezzling or even commingling funds. I am much more interested in the DATA involved than trying to abscond with a few twenties (or more).

If you are one of my few regulars, you’ve heard this before but it never fails to amaze me that I, a banker’s daughter (and granddaughter), a college MUSIC MAJOR, ended up in the on-line banking biz, even though I don’t work at a bank or deal with money. LOL!

PS. Don’t look at the shirt…🐽

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We never know where we’ll end up, which I think is cool! I was dead set against teaching in high school because both my parents were teachers. I doubt that Alison imagined herself working in the insurance industry. Ashley always saw herself as an artist and not as a college professor. P.S. I looked at the shirt but can’t read it: the only good…is a dead…?