The Witch of the Great White North

The freaky expression is mostly because I don’t really have any expertise at taking selfies. I can’t quiiiite figger out how to get the eyes right somehow… Not really looking for help here, just ‘splainin’.

The GG somehow likes my hair like this. I think it looks scraggly as all getout. I grew up wanting long hair but The Commander kept getting me what she called “pixie” cuts. Moom, I am NOT a pixie. I thought long hair would make me a beautiful girl. Except that I was also kind of what we used to call a “tom boy” in those days. I mean I could beat most of the boys in our south side Sault Ste. Siberia neighborhood in running and jumping and other street games and prided myself on that. So not sure how all of that fits together.

Alas, junior high came along and I stopped playing in the streets because it wasn’t “cool” any more. I walked downtown to the junior high carrying my clipboard and books in my left arm, flute in right hand. I grew my blonde hair long and did my best to follow the latest fashions. This was helped by trips to visit my Detroit grandparents where The Comm and I shopped at the downtown Hudson’s store where she worked before she was married but I also sewed a lot of stuff myself. (Don’t get me wrong, none of this made me “cool”.)

So just before I got up at 0-skunk-30 this morning, the GG muttered “Timothy Leary” in his sleep. I’m not sure what that dream was all about but tonight he streamed the Moody Blues song a while back and has segued from there through may tunes from the 60s to Sky Pilot. YouTube has a ton of Viet Nam helicopter footage set to 60s rock if you ever have some idle time to fill and a few tears to cry.

Viet Nam was scary as hell when I was a teenager. Nobody wanted to go over there. My second boyfriend in high school was old enough to get sent to war but he was in college so he had a deferment and then got a high draft number so he never had to serve. The GG squeaked by because the war ended before he graduated from high school. I fergit what his draft number was but I didn’t know him until quite a few years later so it wasn’t important by that time.

I am off on too many tangents and I cry when I hear songs like Sky Pilot so I will quit for the night.

2 Responses to “The Witch of the Great White North”

  1. Isa Says:
  2. Margaret Says:

    I think about growing my hair long(er) but then I remember how bushy my hair is, and how terrible I look in long hair! You look like a boss in that photo! I’m intimidated! I have a ferrety look in selfies. That’s what happens when you have a long nose, like I do. I was never cool in junior high or high school. I was a bookish academic nerd. (and proud of it!)