Farmers market pasty intrigue

Of course I bought lettuce from our Blissfield friends. I bought potatoes and onions and Emergency Swordfish Scallopini, and a whole chicken and some tenderloin for tonight’s stroganoff.

I wanted to buy some stuffed cabbage but I could not find the Polish folks. I did find pasties. It wasn’t Uncle Peter’s pasties. It was a woman from Copper Harbor who was using her great-grandmother’s recipe from Cornwall, in England.

Of course I had to ask if she had driven down from Copper Harbor to do the A2 farmers market. Of course not. She lives in Plymouth now. Okay. What happened to Uncle Peter’s pasties? I didn’t ask that point blank but I mentioned Uncle Peter. Oh myyyy. He is not doing that business any more. I won’t say anything else about that although I got a few unasked for details about it (a divorce…). Today’s pasty woman said, “Wait until you taste *my* pasties.” And they do look good.

The GG left a sorta battered Protective Fish with its creator Victoria so she can refurbish it and I eventually caught up with him watching a couple of Little Brown Birds trying to kill each other. I tried to watch this for a while but eventually I couldn’t watch any more and so retreated to the Ninja to work on the xword.

One Response to “Farmers market pasty intrigue”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hope the pasties are good! It’s tough when changes happen, like at my favorite Irish pub where the owner mysteriously left. (a divorce and some other issues I think) I loved the guy, so it’s not the same at all.