Chainsaw guy

Relatively quiet Sunday on the Planet Ann Arbor. We headed down to Swan Corners mid morning, about the time Sunday Morning Jazz starts on the EMU NPR station. I love Sunday Morning Jazz. It is usually old old old jazz. I do not know all that much about jazz but I like certain types of music running along in the background of my life and I love old jazz on Sunday morning.

We eventually found a pair of swans at Swan Corners today. They were digging down into the water dredging up nesting material. I didn’t even try to take a picture. I knew my iPhone wouldn’t do the situation justice. In fact, I didn’t take any photos throughout our little jaunt through the back roads, purring along in the Ninja. There was plenty of beauty in the bare bones of the trees in this early spring season but it isn’t all that easy to photograph. Instead, it was an audio trip! Every time we encountered the least little bit of water, we heard a chorus of amphibians. I can’t count how many times we stopped to roll down the windows and turn off the radio to listen.

Later at the Landfill, our Mouse came over for dinner and laundry. We had a wee bit of chainsaw business back behind our backyard. A tree fell over onto our crappy old tin shed last summer and the GG has a permit in place to build a new shed. He asked our Mouse to hand the chainsaw over the fence to him so he could rip up parts of the fallen tree and here he is doing the deed in his chainsaw chaps.

Why hand the chainsaw over the fence to him? Well, because getting into the woods requires walking down the block and around the corner to the entrance. As Mouse said, it probably wouldn’t be a great idea for him to be walking around the neighborhood carrying a chainsaw… I agree but I can’t help remembering that before we bought the Landfill more years ago than I am strong enough to count, he walked around the neighborhood checking out the (then) neighbors with a small pair of binoculars. Who lived here? Could they pay their rent? After all these years I would say yes, mostly at least. It is a wonderful neighborhood to live and raise children in.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My neighborhood has changed quite a lot, but the people are still (mostly) friendly and kind. A couple of them have known me for decades and would help me out if I needed it. I’m sure they all would if I asked, but Rob and Eric are the ones I feel comfortable asking. Chain saws have always made me a bit nervous! I know the GG knows how to handle it though!