The obligatory annual crocus pic

I took the pic a few days ago. Today was the first day in I can’t think how long that I did not have to suit up to walk and then head over to work. I put on a tank top (and skirt and tights) with a lightweight red plaid jacket on and waltzed out to the Ninja without any kind of hat or glubs. 57 degrees! This afternoon, I am in the Landfill backyard wearing a tie-dyed tshirt and polarfleece vest (and maxi skirt) watching mourning doves do nesting-type activities. In an old bluejay nest. We are not finished with Old Man Winter yet but I’ll take what I can get.

So now I am reading Middlesex. I am enjoying it although there is some squickiness and I’m not sure it would be everyone’s cup of tea, especially not “stodgy” old “church-going” people but I read a lot of stuff like that. A long time ago before ebooks, I read The Virgin Suicides by the same author. Again I enjoyed it (except for some squickiness). They are both set (largely) in the Detroit area, which makes them especially interesting. How many popular novels are set in Detroit or even Michigan? Not very many.

I actually started reading Middlesex a loooooong time ago, again, back when I didn’t read on my iPhone. I’m not sure what happened that I didn’t finish it. It went missing, probably via a beach urchin biblioklept. Then… A few years later, we were at The Commander’s house. I mean “Grandma’s Other House, the Real House, Where She Lives Some of the Days” aka her house on Dillon Street, not the moomincabin. The book Middlesex somehow surfaced (I can’t remember how) but tucked in between the pages of the book was my Sunday School Kindergarten Graduation certificate. I do not know how it got there and didn’t even really remember the certificate or whatever it was. It seems like an odd book to bookmark with someone’s Sunday School Graduation certificate given the subject matter of the book. Wheeeeee!

For whatever reason, I didn’t continue the book even then but now I am. This is my fourth book since the ivory carver trilogy and I am up to something like 23 or 24 books out of my Goodreads challenge for the year, which is 52 books.


2 Responses to “The obligatory annual crocus pic”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yay for the beginnings of spring!! I loved “Middlesex.” I haven’t read the other though. You’re doing so well on your challenge. I’m impressed!!

  2. Isa Says:

    Are you going to continue when you hit 52??