All wrapped up

I was up early this AM but we kind of slogged out of an early trip to the farmers market in favor of a bunch of cleaning chores and a grokkery run (for me). By the time we got down there it was raining cats and dogs and the place was slammed, which I knew it would be, which is why I *usually* get down there at 0-skunk-30.

Today, we had to pick up a Protective Fish, one that Victoria had repainted for us after a bunch of years getting beaten up by the weather up on the Hoton Lake Garatchkey. So we never really parked anywhere. The GG parked in a NO PARKING ZONE to go get the fish. I drove around the block. Then… I panicked about the food I have stashed for Easter dinner and decided to obtain a bit more. So… The GG hung out in a NO PARKING ZONE while I ran through the market to buy what I needed. No asparagus yet (but I knew that). It’ll be coming soon.

All of this happened in drenching rain so it was extra fun. After the market, we did a River Ride with the goal of eating lunch at the bar at Dexter’s Pub. Problem? The place was slammed! Apparently we were not the only people who wanted to go to the pub for lunch. So no seats at the bar, which was what we wanted. In the end, a nice gentleman who was sitting between two empty seats kindly moved over one and we had our pub lunch.

The pic is of two bloodroot plants still wrapped up warmly in their leaves. Credit to my Mouse for this pic (and permission to post it). The huge rain we had today and the sun and warmer temperatures we’re supposed to get in the near future will kick spring into full gear although I would not be surprised if Old Man Winter throws a few more snowballs at us. Yes, Michigan.

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  1. UU Says:

    There was not waiting at Larry’s following our hike in the JV. Larry’s is on 131 just north of M32