No ‘possums (or skunks)

Finally a beautiful warm sunny day. Easter. A lot of my Christian facebook friends exulted things like “He has risen!” As an agnostic, I am a bit skeptical about the religious connotations of the day but I did cook rather traditional Easter-type food and even bought some candy and it was nice to sit outside this afternoon and get so hot that I had to move into the shade. It’s been a while and just yesterday it was 42 or thereabouts and raining to beat the band.

I picked in and out of household/cooking chores all day. The Pensioner took the storm windows off, put my Ninja’s summer floor mats in and I dunno what else. And then he got going on the Shed Replacement Prodject. He called Lizard Breath and I out to the shed before he pulled up the floorboards. Why? Just in case there was a ‘possum underneath there. He has encountered that kind of situation before. Nothing was under the floorboards today, including skunks, thank you very much. Chippies were scampering in and out like crazy.

Easter dinner was ham from the Polish folks that come to the farmers market from Hamtramck. Their food is sooooo good! Everything else was from the Plum Market. Mashed potatoes, garlic bread, asparagus, morels and fiddleheads. Asparagus is not local quiiiiite yet (soon) and I dunno where they get the morels and fiddleheads. They are an Easter special and not cheap but what the heck.

It’s late (for me) and I’m kinda rambling. I’ve finished a whole bunch of books, some that I’ve mentioned in passing, some not so much, not that I won’t get to them later. A family/friends prodject in the works is to embark upon Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea Trilogy. This will be a loose book club with as little or as much discussion as anyone wants. (And I know nothing about book clubs so don’t ask me what the “rules” are.) The trilogy will be a re-read for me because I last read it in high school or thereabouts and remember very little about it except that I’m not sure I understood it.

G’night! KW

One Response to “No ‘possums (or skunks)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I feel the same way as you do about Easter. As Ashley and I said, when is the last time we ever set foot in a church on Easter Sunday? (we just happened to be in Notre Dame in Montreal) My ex(Henry) enjoyed Ursula Le Guin, but I’ve never read anything by her.