Hard labor…

So, this is the crappy old shed of Schoolkid WoodsP fame yesterday (before the floor got ripped up).

I will be soooo glad to get rid of this thing. Back in the Jurassic Age when we first moved in to this place and the first beach urchin wasn’t even born yet, I remember spending part of a beauteous rainy June afternoon sitting just inside the entrance to the shed. We were young then and I couldn’t get over myself for actually owning a house! I loved being able to say “my house” instead of “my apartment” in a sentence. It didn’t matter that we didn’t have a garatchkey. We could afford to buy a *house* on the Planet Ann Arbor and as many nights as I counted thousands (dollars, that is) in my sleep before we finally closed on this place, it really wasn’t/isn’t a fancy expensive place. But I still like it because it backs up to a woods and the neighborhood is nice (and “safe”) and walkable.

Over the years, the shed got filled up with crapola, some of it worthwhile crapola (bikes and sheds and yard implements for all seasons). Other crapola not so much (crappy old pieces of wood and things I couldn’t begin to describe.) I and/or we occasionally cleaned the whole thing out every couple of years but since that first day of rain back in June 1984 (yes), it has never been a comfortable place to hang out in.

The GG spent the entire day digging through the frickin’ clay in the Landfill backyard in order to build a new foundation for the new shed. He needs to dig up the clay now while it’s not cement-like, like it will be in June.

He also demolished the front half of the shed and hauled the metal over to a reclamation site that gave him $8.00 for it. We’re rich, roight??? No, we’re just happy to get rid of the metal. The “half-shed” will probably hang around until the new shed is well underway. It can store important tools, etc.

So the second pic represents @tmotu’s progress. We have to build a new foundation because city rules require certain distances from easements and whatever.

Me? I did not help with any of this at all. Instead, I went to Cubelandia and cleaned up a bunch of textarea tags on my work’s high fidelity demo. Do y’all know what a textarea tag is? I do. But we don’t use a whole lot of textarea tags and I was not sure what the f*ck was going on with most of them. Crazy css classes and strange attributes and whatever. In the end, I got on to the W3shool site and spent maybe 10 minutes figuring it all out. And then I cleaned up our demo. This was kind of a ridiculous prodject to undertake this morning but it had to be done at some time and I learned some things I didn’t know before and I felt like I had actually conquered something. It was fun and sometimes that’s all it takes.

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  1. jane Says:

    Tell Mr Bill that if he needs an extra set of hands, I’m available.