Last minute plans

That was my email subject to Amazon Woman and FZ this AM. What were the last minute plans? Well. It is FlaMan’s bday today (and my grandma Margaret too). I won’t tell you how old FlaMan is but it is one year older than me and his twin brothers. (My grandma would be 131 if she were still alive.) So my last minute plans were that we were meeting other family members to take FlaMan out to lunch and I would be AWOL from Cubelandia for a large part of the day.

The birthday lunch happened at Little Joe’s Tavern in Grand Blanc, just a mile or so up the road from FlaMan’s apartment. A couple other cFam sibs also showed up. Even with three of the cFam sibs over there on the other side, there are a lot of sibs.

The Lady of Linden brought her family’s birthday hat and the birthday boy wore it regally throughout the lunch. The LL snagged pics of him in it and then handed it over to the GG so she could get a pic of the GG (glasses on) and the UU (glasses off) in the hat since their birthday is Friday. This week of April is jam-packed with cFam bdays.

The Lady of Linden was four when the Twinz of Terror (GG/UU) were born. At that time, she had an older brother and two younger brothers and STILL NO SISTERS. With the Twinz’ birth that became FIVE brothers and NO SISTERS. She was NOT HAPPY, at least not until her parents bought her a new bike (or so the story I’ve been told goes). Eventually three sisters and another brother came along and the family became The Happy Dozen.

Today was not my birthday but I received a cute little gift anyway – Dollar Store Froog. As you can see, his eyes light up and they are solar powered.

We had a really fun time but as always, a trip to FlaMan’s can be a wee bit exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, we love FlaMan and it isn’t a problem. When we got home, I hopped onto my work laptop (that beastie needs a name) for a bit, just to finish some lingering textarea stuff up and chill out a little bit.

Omigosh, look at the time. I guess I need to get inside and wrangle some Easter leftovers into Gertrude for dinner. It’s not like we didn’t have a decent lunch! Salmon BLT for me and a bite of FlaMan’s complimentary ice cream sundae.

HB to FlaMan (and grandma Margaret) 🧡🧡🧡

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That IS a lot of birthdays for April. It makes for some fun celebrations!! In my family, the birthdays are spread out, which is easier in some ways and harder in others. I have both a great-aunt and great-grandma Margaret, hence my name.