Ramblin’ and not gamblin’

So I walked into Barry Bagels this morning to meet up with MMCB1. There was NOBODY in there! Our fave counter gal was there to take my order (“medium house coffee to go”). Then she started raving about my newly shorn hair so we talked about that for a bit. Then… Dun dun dun… My subconscious somehow made me say something like, “We haven’t been in here for a while because MMCB1 was in Australia for a month. I’m not sure exactly what made me say that but it seemed to be something like, “I wonder if she was thinking one of us died or something?”. I followed this up with something like, “She’s a globetrotter and I drive over to Cubelandia every day.” Yes I am an awkward conversationalist but this gal seems to like me/us anyway. Of course her main relationship to us is to take our coffee order.

When MMCB1 arrived, she was wondering why the counter gal knew she had been in Australia until a light bulb came on, i.e., “Aha! You must have said something”. MMCB1 has more upcoming trips but she will be able to meet next week when none other than MMCB2 will be grandchild-free and will also be able to meet! Can I just say we are both excited since she hasn’t been able to meet for coffee since last summer or thereabouts!

And then the GG was all hot to build a new shed from scratch… Until we talked to his brother JimC at lunch yesterday. Not so fast… This is a man who has had a long career doing industrial construction work involving heavy equipment like cranes and things, which means he does NOT fool around when it comes to safety issues. He said (a couple times), “You don’t want to break a ‘finger’ or something.” Well, no.

And then today, he followed up with recommendations for decent, non-metal pre-made sheds. I like the shed with the clerestory windows and I am pushing for that even though it is $700 more.

2 Responses to “Ramblin’ and not gamblin’”

  1. Isa Says:

    The grumpy growler’s number one daughter thanks her uncle Jim!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Some DIY projects are perfect, but others are better and safer if done by a professional. I have so many projects around here, but it’s difficult to find people to do them, even though I have the money in hand. I would go for the shed you want unless you intend to replace it every couple of years. 🙂