Sorry but I already flung my unmentionables

TMI? Maybe. The GG is all hot to get a new shed now that he has been talked into having a pre-made shed trucked in. So. KW! Dooya wanna drive out to Chelsea to look at sheds? No way. Driving home today was a looooonnnng slodge. I blame it on the upcoming UofM graduation ceremony(ies). I wonder how many folks have flown in early to hang around our beautiful town before Saturday. But I have flung some underclothing and I am not willing to dress up again.

More than a few years ago, one of the beach urchins moved out of the Landfill into a shared house down on Third Street or somewhere. Moving day coincided with UofM graduation. Obama was scheduled to speak that day and we all watched his helicopter arrive at the Big House. He was the president then and it was lots of fun to watch that helicopter arrive.

We have an egg in the robin’s nest over in the southeast corner of the main part of the house. Back in the day, they used to build nests in the corner of the house right where I liked to sit. The GG made us use the other back door so we didn’t disturb the robin’s nest. Thankfully these robins are nowhere near where I want to sit.

One Response to “Sorry but I already flung my unmentionables”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I need to fling some unmentionables myself. 😉 I miss Obama.