GG and UU’s first “pucture” (or so the GG captioned it on Instagram)

Okay, so you can see the main spine, right? Running along the bottom of the photoooo, there is a much smaller spine. Can you see that one? Based on the positioning of the little spine, speculation was that there was a third spine in there somewhere too. I can’t see that one and neither can you but there is indeed another little spine in there. A few weeks after this, the Twinz of Terror arrived and the earth (or at least the Great Lake State) hasn’t been the same since. And yes, there is an Excel spreadsheet behind the xray pic.

Don’t get me wrong, this xray was not the first evidence that Grandma Sally was carrying twins (numbers 5 and 6 out of 10). The doc had already figgured it out.

The Twinz of Terror celebrated their birthday together tonight at our neighborhood pub Knight’s. We had a table of nine. That included the UU’s son and daughter-in-law and their daughter as well as our own friends of porterization. I still don’t understand the lottery game we played but it was funny as all getout.

It is a riot to be married to an identical twin, especially given that the UU is married to a woman who has become one of my soulmates. And no, I do not ever get the twinz mixed up but that’d be a whole ‘nother blahg entry. When I first met the GG, I didn’t quiiiite believe him when he told me he had an identical twin. I was pretty much jaded about men at that time and didn’t really believe anything any of them told me. But I took a gamble and, on a trip to HL, his identical twin showed up (and a couple other sibs). I took a chance on the GG and the rest is history.

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