I went to a dinosaur party…

First and foremost. I love this pic of the UU but I posted it without permission and if he does not want it posted, I will remove it! Once upon a time, long long ago, he had a fugly photo of me and he crumpled it up and threw it in the garbage unasked. I appreciated that and will always remember it.

Today we dropped by a wondrous bday party. It was for our 3-year-old great-niece, who lives with her parents on the other side of The Planet Ann Arbor from us. We walked into the party a bit after it got going and there were a lot of young parents and their children there and I saw someone with a kind of dinosaur-looking outfit on. And then the UU (the child’s grandfather) walked in from somewhere and HE had this wondrous dinosaur hat on!

Apparently it was a dinosaur-themed party although at one point, the birthday child, adorned with a pink crown and carrying a pink flag sashayed past me declaring to anyone who might be listening that she was the King of [I didn’t catch what she was the king of]. She is definitely a Force of Nature!

It was really fun and afterwards we decamped down to the Griz for Saturday Lunch with Janel. She raved about my newly shorn hair and when I showed her a pic of the place I got it cut she mistook it for a dumpster at first. Of course it is not a dumpster, it’s a creatively re-configured space in downtown Detroit and I don’t know what it was before it was a hair salon.

Dinosaurs… When my older child had her 2nd birthday, I tried a dinosaur-themed birthday of sorts. The grandparents were with us but we didn’t have a bunch of friends and children. My child was interested in dinosaurs and we were reading books about them, so I bought a bunch of big plastic dinos for her. Problem? She opened TRex first and was so freaked out that she tried to wrap the package back up.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a great party! There are so many fun things to do with a dinosaur theme. 🙂