I wish I had a picture but I don’t

I mean I wish I had a picture of what happened to me a little after noon today. I was stopped at the S. Maple/Liberty light and I caught motion (s-l-o-w motion) outta the corner of my eye. It was a TIRE rolling into the intersection on a trajectory to hit the Ninja. Which it did. A man was “running” (slowly) after it. He picked it up and took it away. The light then turned green. I was thinking, what the hell just happened? Fortunately, there was no damage. It was a taaaaar, it’s rubber…

I was at that stoplight at that time because I worked from home this afternoon. The “Amish” shed guy came out to take a look at the backyard so he would know what to expect when he delivers the new shed in a few weeks. The GG was all worried that he might not want to talk to a woman because he’s Amish. That sounded pretty weird to me and anyway, I don’t think he is personally Amish since he did not drive up in a horse-drawn buggy. Big pick-up truck and huge trailer thingy. He was here for five minutes tops and all is well.

My friends and I met up at Barry Bagels this morning. This is the first time MMCB2 has been able to meet us since I dunno when. The grandchildren she and her pensioner watch are on a trip to Callyforny with their parents. It was so good to see her. My coffee buddies are both Jewish and are heartsick over the latest synagogue shooting. Apparently people at their temple have connections with Poway. I am just plain numb thinking about the fact that there are so many random shootings that I hadn’t even heard about the UNCC shooter (and I even know someone from Charlotte…). I peek at news throughout the day until about 3PM, then I am about done.


If you know me in life, you probably know that I am pro-choice. I have been pro-choice ever since I reached adolescence during the Coat Hanger Days. We do NOT want to go back to those days. No no no no. Do I think that women (and their partners (if they have partners)) should be using late-term abortion as a method of birth control? No no no no noooooooo! But what the f*ck is the Orange Baboon talking about when he “gins up” his “base” (whatever the hell that is) about mothers and doctors discussing whether or not to “execute” babies after their birth? What the HELL? Oh man, I’m not even sure I can put what’s in my brain into words. Almost *all* women who carry unborn children to the third trimester WANT THEM! They are devastated when they are told their baby will not survive until birth or die shortly after birth. It is a fact that not all children survive pregnancy and childbirth. That blanket that the Orange Baboon was talking about is a comfort to those parents who have birthed a child who cannot survive so that they can hold their dying baby as long as possible. He isn’t clarifying that to his “base”, assuming he even understands these issues, which I highly doubt.

We need to have compassion for parents who are forced to deal with nonviable pregnancies and we need to support their choices. If a baby doesn’t have a brain, what is the point in continuing the pregnancy? “All God’s Children?” I don’t think so. I am a small voice but I think this issue is important!

I have to wonder if there were any parents in the OB’s “rally” who experienced a situation in which they had to choose life or death for a nonviable child? I dunno how many people were at his “rally” but babies do die. So I wonder how those possible parents at the “rally” felt about the OB’s inflammatory rhetoric. To me, demonizing parents who choose to abort a nonviable pregnancy or choose to sing a dying newborn baby (wrapped in a blanket) to eternal sleep is one step upon a slippery slope. What’s next? A loving, caring parent who gets distracted for a few seconds only to have grieve her healthy child’s accidental death for the rest of her life — in prison? No. No. No. No.

Again, to those who ask me if I will vote for Trump if Bernie Sanders is his opponent? No No No Noooooo. Bernie is not my choice but I will vote for him if it comes to that.

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3 Responses to “I wish I had a picture but I don’t”

  1. Paulette Says:

    II feel your OB pain. Every day there is another assault on humanity. Watched the Barr hearings today while washing logs (spring cleaning). I read the full Mueller report. Twice. This Barr fellow simply lies. I don’t think he was that familiar with the full report, at least not the footnotes filled with specifics. And he and Rosenstein never looked at the underlying evidence in making their judgment on no obstruction. Idiots.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I will vote for anyone over Trump, including my cat. I’m also pro-choice and grinding my teeth over the latest rhetoric.

  3. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Never trump. Ever.