The Metavante Vultures

I was sitting in a meeting today in a conference room. I had my back to the window. Suddenly Amazon Woman hit the Panic Button. I wasn’t sure why, since all we were doing was discussing defects and the attendees were all the familiar suspects. Mr. Bear was particularly bearish today but that’s nothing new.

Anyway, she said (to those of us with our backs to the window), “Turn around!” And there, on the outside ledge was one of the Metavante Vultures. The other one was wheeling around in the air. (Yes, I know that these are turkey vultures so y’all don’t need to correct me 🐸.)

When I was a Cubelandia Newbie, my company was called Metavante. Turkey vultures used to hang out along the window ledges then. I bet I even have an iPhone photo of them from back then. Back then (fall 2007), I was an early iPhone owner and people who hadn’t switched over from flip phones were all excited when they discovered that someone had an iPhone (including the Long Suffering Cat Herding Person aka my boss). Can I see it? Hold it? Etc. And they were prob’ly wondering how a student intern, albeit a non-traditional one, could afford to buy one… It was the GG’s idea and it felt like financial suicide at the time but we did it *anyway*. (Of course nowadays everyone has an iPhone (or Android).)

Many moons ago, a larger corporation bought Metavante and I survived that merger and have worked for that corporation ever since. My job hasn’t changed all that much except that every prodject is different, much like when I used to help produce plays because every play is different. Long ago, I became a SME (Subject Matter Expert) at my work, although I have to say that I do not know it all. I am constantly learning.

I haven’t seen the Metavante Vultures since around the time we were still Metavante. Today they were there and I bet this iPhone photo (from the X) is a bit better than the original iPhone but maybe not much, given the circumstances.

I will never forget Mouse using my first iPhone to tweet from the Mackinac Bridge. She couldn’t post a photooo that time but it wasn’t long before that became possible.

That long-ago trip across the BigMac with my first iPhone? Mouse and I were on a Yarn Store Boondoggle to Petoskey and the Northern Lower Peninsula with The Commander, Radical Betty, and Uber Kayak Woman. We had so much fun that day. I will never fergit The Comm talking about our friend Cam’s “second head of hair”. Cam had a wig and we all gnoffed and gnoffed when we figgered out what the heck The Comm was talking about. I miss The Comm and Radical Betty and Cam…

Orangeya glad I didn’t rant about the Orange Baboon again today? 🧡

One Response to “The Metavante Vultures”

  1. Margaret Says:

    But I enjoy your rants!! I’ve never seen a turkey vulture or even heard of one before. I got my first iPhone 4 years ago, and am now spoiled with all the things it can do. (that I never missed before I had one!)