When your dryer is old enough to drink

When your dryer is old enough to drink, that usually means *you* are old enough to be in a No Panic Zone about first world problems like broken dryers. So the 21-year-old dryer went on the fritz on Monday and the new one will arrive tomorrow afternoon if the text I received from Big George is accurate.

In the meantime, lemme see… The GG fixed the drunken dryer well enough to dry the load I put into it on Monday morning. I have managed without it since then. I did warsh some undies and tights in the warshing musheen this morning and hung them up to air-dry before I went to Cubelandia.

Broken laundry musheens have intermittently made me crazy in my life but I do know how to use laundromats if I need to and I am capable of hand-warshing and/or air-drying things if I need to. Like I did today.

And then I porterized myself at Knight’s. We had a 5:30 reservation, which is early but was probably a good thing because we didn’t actually get seated until just after 6:00 and, well, when did I get home? 9:00? We knew that the place would be slammed because it is UMich grad weekend (which I thought was last weekend but not…).

2 Responses to “When your dryer is old enough to drink”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a LONG dinner! I hate it when my machines don’t work, but my parents live about 3 minutes away, so I can always take my little bit of laundry down there. 🙂

  2. l4828 Says:

    It was fun having a second UMich grad weekend dinner with you–again.