“Ma’am, did you used to work with YAG?”

So the new dryer arrived but it did not arrive within the time window I was told about. I didn’t know if they were just late or if maybe the Submit button hadn’t worked correctly. So I sucked up and called the service number.

After the young man on the other end of the phone looked up my address, he asked, “Ma’am, did you used to work with YAG?” I just about fell on the floor. Yes, yes I did used to work with YAG. He turned out to be Madame Producer’s son. Madame was on our board and produced a lot of our Lydia Mendelssohn plays and I LOVED working with her. I am good with all of the “trains-on-time” stuff involved in managing a youth theatre guild (or any organization) but I am NOT good with the people stuff. Madame was wonderful about dealing with all that stuff – green room actor meltdowns and panicky Planet Ann Arbor helicopter parents and whatever. And she was always positive and upbeat about everything and FUN to hang out with. We would gnoff and gnoff and gnoff, even when things were going totally nutso.

As it turned out, my dryer was indeed on the truck and they were just late and that was okay with me because I was just hanging out. They had legitimate reasons for being late with a person calling off and The Planet Ann Arbor being slammed with traffic due to the 2019 uMich graduation ceremonies.

The GG had figured they wouldn’t be able to get the dryer in through the front door but the delivery folks measured the back door and found it to be too small. I panicked to myself a bit but then they said they could bring it through the front door. The path was just a wee bit twistier, move this and that outta the way and no problem. Whew! And they suggested (ahem) I might want to vac up the dust etc. that was under/behind the old dryer during the five minutes there was an empty space there. “Don’t worry, it isn’t anywhere near as bad as a lot of places I’ve seen around town”, he said. And actually he was right that it wasn’t that bad but I did take advantage of the opportunity to vacuum up whatever stuff was there.

So, who will be the first to use the new dryer? Will KW motivate herself to warsh some stuff early tomorrow or will Mouse get to do the honors? We shall see.

One Response to ““Ma’am, did you used to work with YAG?””

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would definitely take that opportunity too. Stuff gets dusty underneath; I don’t move anything around because I don’t want to hurt my back. Plus, I’m too lazy! I’m sure your new dryer will work like a champ!