Henry. Or Henrietta…

First of all, my life seems to be run by apps. I connected to my new dryer this morning and not only does it send me a notification when it finishes, I can check on its progress any time. And then, I had something to drop off at the post office and I caught a glimpse of a banner above the front door and I thought it said something about an app. And yes, there is an app. I used it today to order stamps. It’s been a long time since I’ve been inside the post office. I used to be a frequent customer. As friendly as the clerks there were back in those days, I do not miss the lines. And then there was the time that I was in line behind a fellow elementary school mother and my innocuous question “How are you?” somehow incited her to go on and on (loudly) about her husband’s inappropriate activities with their baby. Ugh. (What is it about me that seems to make people tell me things I don’t want to know about?)

I got off the track there big time. I am loving my new dryer and so did my mouse/raccoon when they came over to do laundry this afternoon. It was a gorgeous day and I was sitting outside for a lot of the afternoon watching bird activity. And Henry (or so I thought) kept running back and forth across the back yard. Henry is a rabbit, whichever rabbit currently inhabits the Landfill Backyard.

Today it turned out that our current Henry is probably Henrietta, as our racoon spied baby rabbits underneath Sugar and Jealousy. The pic was taken from a Landfill Dungeon window so as not to spook the babies or Henrietta. The Pensioner opines that a hawk will likely destroy the baby rabbits. I’m not so sure about that as long as they are underneath Sugar and Jealousy. Maybe later when they are able to navigate the yard and neighborhood.

This is not my pic. A racoon sneaked down into the dungeon to snag it.

One Response to “Henry. Or Henrietta…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    When I first got an iPhone, I thought that 8 gigs would be plenty, and then I realized, “NO WAY.” So now I have 128 gigs and lots of storage, so I’m starting to realize that I can have apps. And they are great! The two I had in New York for the mass transit, and the Uber app for traveling around in Montreal were invaluable. I love that you’ve named the rabbit, although I’m not fond of the male name. 😉