Sloooooodddddgggin’ along

Man oh man, what a slodgy day. I began it by sleeping an extra 40 minutes. I NEVER do that. I ALWAYS wake up “on time”, usually with a few REM dreams behind me. I don’t even set an audible alarm any more. For a long time I had NPR wake me up. One morning, I awoke to, “The Orange Baboon has fired James Comey.” I didn’t turn off the sound at that point but it wasn’t long afterward that the clock decided to turn off the sound all on its own. Anyway, I was not a happy camper this morning.

Work was okay but I was sleeeeepier than usual and for whatever reason, coffee didn’t seem like the right antidote. Probably that I didn’t want to end up bouncing off the ceiling. And then there was the part where we had to scramble to get a client notification published. Problem? Everyone who usually publishes these notifications suddenly had their access to the publishing tool revoked. Why? We do not know. That did not get resolved today… 🐽

Because I am crazy, I have read five out of the six books in Ursula’s Earthsea cycle in the last few weeks. I definitely intend to read the sixth but I also got myself distracted by reading a couple of “cult” novels. I mean novels about lost teenagers or young adults who get sucked in by “families” headed up by charismatic male (usually) assholes who run their lives. Think Charles Manson. I read “The Ash Family” and am part way through “The Girls”.

I may blahg about this in more detail some other day but can I just say that, as a teenager (and young woman), the absolute filth described in these books would be enough to send me running straight back to my parents’ house. Sharing [not necessarily washed] clothing with a whole bunch of people and walking around barefoot through dog poop? No thank you. I would definitely not get myself enthralled with a charismatic cult leader but that would be another blahg entry.

<short story> When I was in high school, I went with Good Boyfriend over to his friend’s mom’s house one night. This was not a cult/commune house, just a family who endured a constant struggle with money but were pretty solid citizens in general. I was a bit squicked out that the friend’s 5-year-old nephew asked his great-uncle (I think) for another beer and received one without question. When I was that kid’s age, if I asked my parents for a Coke or Seven-Up or something, I was often offered a Lake Superior Cocktail and you know that is plain water out of the tap up in Sault Ste. Siberia.

The Commander asked me what it was like inside that house and I apparently thought about it for a few minutes and replied, “Well, I wouldn’t want to walk around there barefoot.” I remember being in the house but the only reason I remember the convo with the Comm is because The Comm did, pretty much until the end of her life.</short story>

That photo is a trout lily. Mouse took the photo in the woods behind The Landfill. She is much better at photography than I am, not to mention plant identification.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Lake Superior cocktail! That’s great! I’m slogging my way through a couple of books. They’re both good, but I’ve been busy. (and there’s so much yard work to do this time of year!!)